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Israeli Genocide of Palestinians

It remains a huge shock that there are people who are quite satisfied with what Israel is and has been, doing to Christian and Muslim Palestinians, even to its own Arab (Palestinian) citizens or, that there are people who believe themselves to be “civilized” and who don’t care.

Israeli Jews were up to usual tricks of trying to wipe out all presence of Arabs (Christian and Muslim) from lands the Jews want. This time they went to Sheikh Jarrar, claiming Jews owned the land before the Palestinians. This time, Israeli Jews know they have international support for “the right to defend themselves” or, in plain language, the right to slaughter Arabs in wholesale numbers and nobody will do anything about it.

Israel has been using every new and old law from the Ottoman period through today and when a law did not exist t cover a situation, they created a new one tailored to suit their needs. The court system in Israel is also a joke as far as Palestinians are concerned, even when they are Israeli citizens. The stated and clear goal for Israeli Jews is to get rid of as many Palestinians (Arabs) as possible, by whatever means possible. Israel has been on a genocide track against Palestinians ever since its independence, which is particularly tragic because of the Jewish experience of the Shoah and before. This is Israeli Jews’ openly-stated policy even though they avoid using the word, “Genocide”.

Anyone can be disenfranchised if one goes back far enough in history. Millions of people lost their homes in the early days of the formation of Israel and Jewish takeover of Palestinian property was made legal for Jews by using newly-created “Abandoned Property” laws, which denied the properties back even if the Arab owners had just moved a few miles. Jews’ justification for confiscating Arab property is that Jews owned the property before the Arabs did so Jews go back more years to establish some “fact” that allows for Jewish ownership of the coveted property. The same fantasy rules that allow Jews to steal Arab property are never permitted to be used by Arabs who have had their properties forcibly taken from them by Jews.

What if we go back even more years? How about when Israelites wiped out almost all Canaanites in order to take ownership of the land including Jerusalem? For that, they hide behind God’s Biblical command to wipe out ALL evidence of any life in the land.
In this latest, one-sided “War”, Israelis started the violence by trying to force Arabs out of their homes that were built by Arabs and sold to the current owners by Jordan which was the sovereign of the lands. In the violent reactions that followed, Jews violently clashing with the protesting Palestinians and things escalated.

News media do not help form objective perspectives because the reports come from journalists who are in Israel, feeding on whatever they see there and whatever is fed to them by Israeli authorities, BBC being an exception. The reports we are shown in the US, describe (as an example) “one soldier and a family of three killed by Hamas rockets”, they proceed to show pictures of the civilian dead and close-ups of buildings on fire. For the other side, they talk about, “30 dead including ten/twenty militants and some children”, no pictures of the dead, no proof of “militancy”, only shots of explosions and collapsing buildings. The fact that Israelis gave notice (usually 5-10 minutes) of bombing, does not give them a free pass for destruction. The buildings destroyed may not have been architectural wonders but they were homes to hundreds of people, men, women and children.

Blown up by coincidence, of course, were tower buildings that housed offices of some media that were there to cover events from Palestinian angles; AP, Al-Jazeera and other news media were among them. The fact that the building was used in part, by various media as their headquarters, was also known to Israelis. In condemning the destruction of the tower, AP top people demanded Israel show proof of its assertion that it was used as a Hamas HQ and called for an independent probe into Israel’s actions.

Palestinians fired “hundreds” of rockets (as did Israelis) but only a tiny number of Palestinian rockets found targets while Israeli bombs and missiles hit targets every time. “Israel has the right to defend itself” is an old hack that gives Israelis a carte blanche to commit slaughter and destruction on a genocidal scale. Israel has the power, the means, the desire and the ability, all with the blessings and means of the Western nations, to continue its path of genocide with impunity. The US and the West are showing nauseating solidarity with Israel with complete disregard for the death, maiming and destruction showered by Israel, upon the Palestinians.

Opportunistic, self-serving politicians from Biden, Blinkin on down, including those aspiring to political offices continue to bow in Israel’s direction, calling on “Both sides” to stop the violence and especially, calling out Hamas to stop its “Terrorism”. Blaming Hamas is yet another tactic to sanitize what Israel is doing. By accusing Hamas and saying Israel is attacking Hamas, the massive bombings become sanitized, Israel is no longer committing mass slaughter, it is attacking a “Terrorist” organization; the dead become numbers of “Terrorists” killed and thus, a matter for celebration. This too, is not new, the US used to wipe out entire villages in Vietnam, S-E Asia and S. America and say they “cleaned out” a concentration of communists. The US is the sole enabler and financier of Israel’s genocide, it keeps replenishing the bombs, missiles and other weapons Israel uses up in it “War”… slaughter of Palestinians.

To further cement public support and the get uncommitted Jews’ support, the language being used by Israel and its media calls the violence by the disenfranchised Israeli Arabs, “Pogroms”. In Lod, the mayor has likened the protesting Arabs’ actions to “Kristallnacht”.

Both these terms evoke memories of the Shoah (Holocaust); memories that are guaranteed to propel most Jews into blind, hysterical, support for any action that Israel may take on behalf of Jews. Meanwhile, Israeli media and their blindly supportive media outlets in the West are fanning the hysteria by also promoting fears of Arabs on Pogroms against Jews inside Israel. They are also attacking all other sources that may not support Israel’s continuing atrocities. Big social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook are helping Israel by censoring posts that may go against Israel, going so far as to place posters on temporary bans.

Stoking fear of “Pogroms” among Jews. Jewish Express May 12, 2021

So the Israeli bombing will continue, as will Israeli ground attacks, all while Israel and Israeli Jews are screaming that THEY are “terrified” and THEY might be blown into extinction…even as the screams of Palestinians actually being blown to pieces, go unheard. The rest of the “civilized world” (US and the West) does not look ready to take a stand against Israel’s actions. On the other hand, leaders of Muslim-majority nations look at Israel, one of the most power countries in the world, they look at the US, THE most powerful country in the world, standing hard and fast behind Israel, they consider the money and weaponry that comes their way from the West and they decide to remain silent. This is their selfish bargain with the Devil.

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