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Israeli Genocide of Palestinians

It remains a huge shock that there are people who are quite satisfied with what Israel is and has been, doing to Christian and Muslim Palestinians, even to its own Arab (Palestinian) citizens or, that there are people who believe themselves to be “civilized” and who don’t care.

Israeli Jews were up to usual tricks of trying to wipe out all presence of Arabs (Christian and Muslim) from lands the Jews want. This time they went to Sheikh Jarrar, claiming Jews owned the land before the Palestinians. This time, Israeli Jews know they have international support for “the right to defend themselves” or, in plain language, the right to slaughter Arabs in wholesale numbers and nobody will do anything about it.

Israel has been using every new and old law from the Ottoman period through today and when a law did not exist t cover a situation, they created a new one tailored to suit their needs. The court system in Israel is also a joke as far as Palestinians are concerned, even when they are Israeli citizens. The stated and clear goal for Israeli Jews is to get rid of as many Palestinians (Arabs) as possible, by whatever means possible. Israel has been on a genocide track against Palestinians ever since its independence, which is particularly tragic because of the Jewish experience of the Shoah and before. This is Israeli Jews’ openly-stated policy even though they avoid using the word, “Genocide”.

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