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Does Anyone Owe Black Americans?

A friend forwarded me a video (The Dan Rongino show) from Tik Tok. It was Mark Robinson, Republican Lt. Gov. of North Carolina, he was making the point that Black people’s call for reparations is false; That today’s Black people owe their ancestors for getting them to this place (“Nobody owes you anything, in fact YOU owe THEM!”).

My friend forwarded it with this message, “Made me want to get up NOW and do some more for this country and my family!! GREAT Speech!!! AND color hasn’t got a damn thing to do about it!! This is character, balls and a true love of country!!!”.

Who Owes Black Americans

I will not promote that brainless, supremacist, video by linking it here but here is my response to him (I changed his name):

Nice, passionate speech but it leaves out a lot of considerations without which, the speech is rather pointless.

Back generations ago, people were kidnapped from their lands, brought to this country where they were treated as less than cattle except that they had a resale value. They were whipped into working, they were raped and killed and they were torn from their families to be sold to other people who did the same to them and to their children. They were forcibly converted to Christianity and forbidden to speak their languages or, to learn to read and write.

They built America but they themselves, lived and died as slaves.

a couple of hundred years later, these people were “given” their freedom with one hand, but it was taken away with the other; they were not allowed to vote, they could not get the benefits allowed to White folk. They lived in terror because they could still be raped and killed and they were still, forced into near-slavery conditions where maybe, they were lucky to make enough to feed their families. They were promised resettlement (forty acres and a mule) but those promises were not worth the air used to speak the words.

They built America but they suffered and died in silence, unnoticed and unrewarded.

Generations later, their descendants worked to get the right to vote and to live as equals. They were brutalized, some disappeared, some were lynched and the rest died without improving their lives.

They worked for America, but they died as less than humans in their own country.

Their later generations worked harder for equal rights, they demonstrated, they marched, but they were brutalized or killed. They kept the fight on and FINALLY got laws passed where they were considered equal…on the books. They were still kept down; they did not get the benefits society allowed White folk.

They worked to make America better but they died without the fruits of their labors.

Today, the descendants of the slaves are beginning to understand their value and power, they are starting to exercise their power and many White folk feel threatened by them. Many states are making it more and more difficult if not impossible, for the poor and the sickly people (mostly Black) to vote. Even equal standards of health and education are denied to them.

These generations BUILT America, they made America BETTER. They EARNED the right for recognition and acknowledgement of this fact. They EARNED the right for reparations. All the flag-waving in the world cannot hide the fact that they are owed what was stolen from their fathers.

Jack, If you start your life with $10,000 and I start my life with nothing; If you are allowed to grow and prosper while I am denied the rights to equal protections, equal opportunities to make life better for me and my family, then the at the end of a few generations, your descendants will be living great lives while mine will still be living in squalor. If your generations are given the fruits of the labors of my generations, then at some point, there has to be a reckoning. Your generations WILL owe my generations a piece of the stolen pie.

No amount of passionate speeches in front of dozens of flags, can bury this simple fact.

You are absolutely right, “color has nothing to do with it”. Except that color was used to define who lives better and who lives worse.

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