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US; Turning Point or, Business as usual?

Trump’s coming to power did not change America, the disease has been in the nation’s body since inception. Trump only made it acceptable to publicly display mob strength and bigotry. Thanks to major support of and by, the National Rifle Association (NRA), owning and displaying guns has become fashionably patriotic. Support from the NRA and its servile politicians, tens of millions of guns…pistols and rifles…have been sold to Americans over the past 12 years. Thanks to the NRA, all agencies in the US are prohibited from holding any kind of inventory of who owns guns or, even from digitizing the bullet signatures from guns.

FEAR. Guns have been purchased by goons and fools who believe they are in “real danger”; Whites who are terrified that “the Blacks” may be taking over the country. Ironically, some Blacks are now starting to buy weapons as well because they see how many Whites have how many guns. According to the Swiss organization, Small Arms Survey, there are about 120.5 guns per100 Americans…that was back in 2007!

FEAR is in the driver’s seat in America and has been since the slavery days. Politics is also driven by fear; politicians are forever telling their bug-eyed, fearful audiences that the end is here….unless you vote for them. We end up voting for a potential savior, not a leader. That’s how America got Trump.

FEAR is also the excuse used to hide bigotry. Police almost always say how they “feared for their lives” as they pour more than ten shots into an unarmed and sometimes, unsuspecting, victim. Black, of course.

Tellingly, the (White) rioting terrorists in Washington DC on 6th of January were not shot at in fact, the barriers were opened for them BY the Capitol Police. The terrorists smashed windows, they even chased Police officers inside the Capitol but nobody was shot by near-hysterical Police officers who would have been justified to claim fear for their life and safety. But for White people, the word “rioter” is as tough as some of our political leaders get. There are speculations as to what would have happened if the terrorists had been BLACK or (God forbid!) MUZLEMS!! They would still be picking up bodies in and around the building.

When demonstrators broke into the Washington State Governor’s house grounds, there was only ONE police officer there to stop them and he was confidently shoved aside by the “Demonstrators”. Police did not show up in force until much later and then, they politely shooed the demonstrators off the grounds. Nobody was arrested and quite obviously, no officer was “Terrified for his life”

The best CNN could come up with for this event is, “Pro-Trump demonstrator enter the grounds of the Governor’s mansion“. They “entered”, they did not Break in; the “demonstrators” were White.

Readers who have seem my articles in the past, must recall how I have railed against airline who have kicked Muslims off flights simply because some White passenger or crew member expressed “discomfort” at the thought that a “MUZLEM” (!) was on that plane.
Fast forward to the day following the DC riots (today), we now learn that some of the terrorists flew on American Airlines from Texas to Washington, DC and enroute, they were abusive towards some passengers and said they would be eradicated.
What did American Airlines do in reaction to what any sane person would call a clear and present danger? they continued flying to DC. The NEXT day, American Airlines announced they were stepping up staffing and banning alcohol from flights from DC for a few days because the flight crew were “…forced to deal with passengers showing ‘politically-motivated aggression’ on flights to the nation’s capital prior to the riot“. Now, THAT is what I call a robust response!

FEAR makes it all possible and FEAR normalizes all bigotries.

What we saw yesterday (Jan 6th) was a clear attempt to threaten legislators with violence if they ratified Biden’s electoral win. It should not be surprising that politicians and pundits are expressing “shock” at what is happening to America. Unfortunately, people in developing countries are not shocked at all, they have experienced America’s love for political mayhem and how the US promoted and funded violence in order to keep their own “strongman”…dictators and tyrants…in power to control that country. All driven by FEAR and fed by Greed.

What we see now is a tragic milestone that has been long in coming; America is becoming what it has made other countries.

January 7, 2021 - Posted by | DC riots, Fear, Muslims, Terrorism


  1. My relatives have had weapons for years and NO PROBLEMS.
    I am disappointed that the press ONLY reports their agenda and NOT the news; where is the balance? We have been BADLY let down by the press.

    Here’s question – Whom will the press try to blame for EVERYTHING now????????????

    Speaking of blm, when will they start helping to solve inner city violent crimes and black-on-black killings? Or, don’t they care. Maybe, blm should be called only some black live matter to only some people.,


    Comment by Ken Whelan | January 7, 2021 | Reply

    • Hello Ken, The problem is not with everyone who owns guns but if everyone owns guns then the numbers of nutcases who own guns also goes up and so does the danger to society.

      I believe the question about BLM is a distraction and does not take reality into account.
      Black people are more than sick of being beaten, imprisoned, shot at and killed as casually as if they were animals. Blacks are 13.4% of the US population yet, they account for 50% of all unarmed people shot by the Police…about FOUR times as many Blacks as Whites. Blacks just want the Police to place importance on Black lives, like they do for White lives. That’s what BLM is about, not about managing cities and municipalities. That is a large enough task by itself.

      “Black-on-Black” is one of the biggest racial distractions invented recently. “Black-on-Black” suggests Blacks are the only race to kill “their own”, but we know lots of Whites kill “their own” as well. The stories we hear of estranged men killing their wives, girlfriends AND children (to punish the woman) appear frequently yet, I have never heard “White-on-White” being said at any time. Whites are involved in inner-city crimes, in drugs and robberies. These days, Whites are on a righteous rampage to beat or kill minorities but thqat is not taken seriously.


      Comment by penjihad | January 7, 2021 | Reply

  2. Through out the World less White and EU, US is spreading terrorism and injustice. Chengaz Khan is no match,US has surpassed in brutality. Now US has to reap own fruit.


    Comment by Saeed Ahmad Parvez | January 9, 2021 | Reply

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