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Interfaith visit to Israel

Every year across the US, the pro-Israel Jewish leaders run a campaign of getting Muslims to visit Israel (“The Holy Land!”) on an interfaith basis with Leaders from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities. Every year enough gullible Muslims can be found to validate the “interfaith-ness” of the tour for which they pay with their own money. The tours are guided, structured and little time is permitted for the visitors to actually do some digging of their own, into the miseries being suffered by Christian and Muslim Palestinians…those who are in Gaza, world’s largest Concentration Camp or, those on the West Bank who are surrounded by State-supported Jewish killers whose goal is to kill or terrorize the Christian and Muslim Palestinians out of Israel. People return from the trip hoping to have made an impression on their Jewish friends, that they are indeed, “moderate Muslims” while the right-wing Christians return with more fervor to help raise more money for Israel’s genocide of Palestinians. None of them are exposed to the dark underbelly of the Jewish state where Palestinians are battered, maimed and killed at will, by Israeli military their security services and their civilians.

I strongly believe that until Israel changes to a land where everyone can live in safety, peace and justice, Muslims should NEVER be a part of any “interfaith” delegation to that monstrous country.

This year is no different. Once again the Jewish leaders are on the move, recruiting gullible Muslims who sometimes borrow or scrape money to be a part of such an “interfaith” project. In Seattle area, this project is being led by Rabbi Jim Mirel. Yes, this is the same lovable Rabbi Jim Mirel who

was on the board of the Washington Holocaust Education Center (WHERC now ironically called “The Holocaust Center for Humanity” in which Muslims are not included of course) who invited a director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) as a keynote speaker for a fundraiser for the WHERC and refused to withdraw the invitation when we informed him of the Islam hating projects in which the SWC was involved in fact, he screamed at us, telling us the speaker would continue and the Jewish community was informed that we were Anti-Semites who hated Jews.


Not long afterwards, the same Rabbi Mirel was a director of the AJC where he invited a speaker from AJC Europe on the rising Anti-Semitism in Europe for a fundraiser for the AJC but it was really a fear-driver against Islam where Muslims were equated with Nazis.


Jim Mirel comes through as a kind, gentle, soft-spoken man but behind this façade, there is a strong Islamophobic driver because he, like other Zionist Jews, believe that the only way to defend “poor little Israel” is by attacking Islam and Arabs.
As a Muslim, I would not be going with Jim Mirel on a trip to Israel.
As a Black, I would not be going on a trip through the South with a KKK man
As a Jew, I would not go on a trip through Germany with a Nazi

Nobody should.

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  1. Yawn. Another Muslim who has shitty opinions about Israel. The stereotype of antisemitism writes itself. Congrats on your groundbreaking opinions. I’m sure you’re one of a kind in your bubble.


    Comment by Jay | May 12, 2018 | Reply

    • Shitty situations can only attract shitty opinions. Much as many would love to hit people like me with the “Anti-Semitism” tattoo, criticism of a group or a nation does NOT equal racism or anti-Semitism. I have and will continue to criticize ANYONE who acts like a beast, read my other posts and see for yourself.

      The day Israel starts to treat people of ALL three faiths as equal, the day it stops killing humiliating and dispossessing Arabs, the day it starts to act like a respectable state not just for Jews, will be the day I will become its strongest supporter. I firmly believe Israel has the potential to become one of the best examples of a diverse nation with peace and prosperity for all.


      Comment by penjihad | May 12, 2018 | Reply

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