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The duty to protest…

CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations (USA) alerted me to a story exposing the Islamophobic library of the US Marine Corps. After reading it, I decided to write my own letter to the Secretary of Defense and the Commandant of US Marines (see below). Note the stamps I use on this letter, they all  carry an important message.

It is not enough to have an organization take on the fight, we, all of us, Muslim or not, must get off our duffs and add our voices to the protest against Humanity that we see regardless of who the victim may be at the time. Our silence not only marks us a cowards, it also lowers the importance of the fight any organization is picking up on our behalf. Then again, if we do not speak when the targets are others, who will speak for us? Sadly for us Muslims, it is only going to get worse and worse so the time to lend our voices is now.

Letter follows and the partial list of Marine Corps Library (Anti-Muslim writers at the end) is after that:

PO Box 7002

Lynnwood, WA 98046


May 1st, 2018


Mr. James Mattis, US Secretary of Defense

1400 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301-1400


Dear Secretary Mattis,

As an American Muslim, I consider it my painful duty to contact you about the proliferation of Hate and Fear against Islam, Arabs and Muslims in the branches of the military.

Sadly, this is not the first time we have seen proof of Islamophobia being used to motivate troops in the defense of our country but each time, we were informed that the particular action has been stopped and Islamophobia is rejected at the highest levels of our leadership. Each time, there is a lull and we are faced with yet another hate-generator in the military…the very folks who are supposed to protect us Americans regardless of our race ethnicity, gender or faith.

In the attached list, a selection of the books used to familiarize members of the Marine Corps to places and people they may encounter…not necessarily in battle…the books being used to train about Muslims and Arabs are written by people whose hate-promotion against Islam and Muslims is well-recognized among most Muslims and at the same time, well ignored by non-Muslims in the US. One could ask why there are no books on Islam, Arabs and Muslims written by people who actually may be Arabs or Muslims or who may be sympathetic to Islam, Arabs and Muslims, but I am not certain there would be a thoughtful, honest response forthcoming from those who make such decisions.

Secretary Mattis, I believe you will agree that it is high time our fellow Americans as well as our military, understood that Arabs and Muslims ARE a part of this great country and therefore not deserving of ill-treatment, hate or fear. As far as I understand it, you are the voice that commands our military in training and in war. We are therefore, looking to you to take the initiative and put a stop to the unconstitutional actions in our military that target one portion of Americans as “the greatest threat to the US and to the West”; language often used when discussing Islam and Muslims.

There are other current actions as well, such as various ROTC departments using images of Muslims as target-practice and rejecting our complaints but for now, I and my fellow Muslim compatriots will be much relieved and grateful if you can issue a command to put a stop to hate-literature and hate-training against Islam and Muslims in all branches of the military.

I, along with Muslims all across this country, eagerly look forward to your response and to your actions to help us.


Jafar Siddiqui, American Muslims of Puget Sound

Cc: Mr. Richard B. Spencer, Secretary of the Navy.

           1000 Navy Pentagon, Room 4D652, Washington, DC 20350

      Gen. Robert. B. Neller, CMDT, US Marine Corps

       US Marine Corps HQ, 3000 Marine Corps, Pentagon, Washington, DC 20350-3000
      Gen. Glenn M. Walters, Asst. CMDT, US Marine Corps

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