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Help me with “Compassionate Listening”

Some advice from my wiser friends? I AM HAVING TROUBLE WITH “Compassionate Listening”.


“Compassionate Listening” is when we sit down with someone who may have caused us pain or, someone we hold something against, in order to try to understand their point of view. The theory is that if we open our hearts and minds when we listen, we may understand the other party better and some healing may take place. For the record, I believe in “Compassionate Listening”…to a point.


I recently engaged in a discussion with a person who was what I would term as a blind supporter of Israel, she supported everything Israel did and laid the blame for all tragedies at the door of Hamas (“Hamas forces the Palestinians to do things that then force Israel to shoot the Palestinians…which then score Hamas P-R points”).

When I roundly condemned Israel and ALL Israeli Jews who are actively or passively supporting Israel’s genocidal actions, she labeled me as a Terrorist (Hamas) sympathizer. I did not engage her further because I had no desire to get into a spitting match where we argue who did what to whom first. Besides, this took place on a friend’s FB page so I did not feel good about a battle royal with one of her friends.


My friend the hostess also intervened to try and put a stop to our exchanges. She tried to be very balanced and chastised both of us as insulting and bashing each other (which I did not think I was doing). She encouraged us to have open minds and open hearts and engage in “compassionate listening”.


Which brings me to the point of the problem; how can one have “Compassionate Listening” in a situation where the other side is clearly and egregiously wrong?


Arabia and the House of Saud are at the very top of my countries to loathe and detest in fact, the next country on the list is a DISTANT second; I have trouble with “Compassionate Listening” when I am talking about Arabia, how can anyone justify their position in favor of Arabia when the House of Saud is up to its armpits in slaughter, butchery and genocide? It is probably not an exaggeration to think if one even says “Human rights” in Arabia, they can be assured of a stint in jail. Anything more and it is straight to the public beheading square.


How does one go about “Compassionate Listening” of the Serbs justifying their genocide and rapes of the Muslims of Bosnia?

How about Pakistan’s treatment of its minorities?

India in Kashmir and with its other minorities?

Myanmar with Muslims?

Thailand with Muslims?

Is there really room to consider that the other party has some valid points in their treatment of their victims?


How can one have “Compassionate Listening” when faced with someone who is defending what the US and Europe are doing and have done in the Muslim countries of the world?


Is it enough for them to say they believe they are in dire danger so they are taking action? What? Against men, women and children whose only introduction to the US and Europe is hunger, bombs and dismemberment?


My friend is a Jewish woman, I wonder how much “Compassionate Listening” she could handle if someone were to start defending the Nazis and the WWII Shoah?


How may I tune myself to be in a position where I can compassionately listen to someone who is justifying what the Israeli Jews and their blind supporters are doing and have done to the Christian and Muslim Palestinians? How should I seek to understand the continuing genocide, the dispossession and the humiliations of the Palestinians at the hands of the Jews of Israel and their blind supporters?


Surely, there comes a point where “Compassionate Listening” cannot be conducted, where lines of Humanity need to be drawn?


I would like to understand and learn if “Compassionate Listening” is always possible so please chime in and help me out.

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