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"To comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable"

America; a patriotism derailed

It is not possible to watch this video without shedding tears for the poor and yet, admiration for their character and work-ethic. In spite of their deprived conditions or, perhaps BECAUSE of their impoverishment, these people take time to thing of God and to thank Him for their blessings…blessings that many of us might consider a curse.
I have seen this video before and earlier, I had watched it rather objectively but with sympathy for the poor and hungry. Hunger is only a symptom of the disease that eats up a nation and while we do need to help those who are hungry, our help in food banks and kitchens is only providing a temporary salve to the miseries of the hungry and to our conscience; we need to work for more permanent solutions that create national support for the weak amongst us.
The story is much greater than about the poor and how they find ways to feed their families. The backstory goes to the countries where the most of the poor reside; to corruption that forces poverty on honest, decent and hard-working people who only need an opportunity to rise to a better living. Continue reading

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Does anyone Healthcare?

Nothing great is ever achieved by taking shy, hesitant steps…backwards.
Like so many visionary leaders in the past, President Obama also started with a great idea, but he allowed politicians to lead. First the Democrats  made their sausage, making sure their patrons and paymasters, the healthcare industry are well-protected. Then the Republicans came in saw there there may be a few small, leftover sacred cows still unprotected and they stuck their daggers in the body of whatever healthcare plan had been cobbled together by the Democrats. Continue reading

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Health Care, Who Cares?

Yesterday, I met a friend (we’ll call him “Red”) who used to be my neighbor until he moved away. He is a staunch Republican and I cannot recall an issue that we agreed on…our political “discussions” used to occur in our driveways and we would be screaming at each other Continue reading

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