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The Reality of Suicide Bombing

Most people of good will should be able to condemn not only suicide bombing but ANY act of wanton killing whether it is done by our side (“good guys”) or the their side (“bad guys”). Unfortunately the Israel/Palestine dispute has so polarized people that they have no hesitation in condemning the other side without ever seeking to understand. All too often, seeking to understand the other is seen as taking sides by people blinded by partisanship. Continue reading

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Pakistan’s conflict in Swat

The way the United States is conducting the pursuit of its policy will only bring more war and destruction to Afghanistan and Pakistan and is also guaranteed to spread into India. Continue reading

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Swiss anti-Islam vote draws protests from Jews and Christians

I suppose I have an extra-thin skin when dealing with issues that appear to be anti-Islam even if the wording is couched differently and the past eight years of special persecution of Muslims has only sharpened my senses and paranoia; I am reminded of the quote, “Just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not after you“! Continue reading

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Israel and the Arab Beast

Brutality against Palestinians has become such commonplace in Israel, that killing, injuring or otherwise brutalizing a Palestinian barely evokes a bored yawn. Continue reading

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Israel and Palestine; letter to my Congressman

Dear Congressman Inslee,
Thank you for taking the time to send me your reason (letter below) why you chose to endorse a condemnation of the Goldstone Report; I am afraid I cannot accept your response as a considered one.
While I realize you might never see this, I feel you need to understand why we are feeling such agony over your signing of that infamous resolution.
I wonder if you have ever visited Gaza?
It is about 360 sq Km (137 sq. mi, see detailed maps below) in total with about 1,500,000 people imprisoned inside…that is almost 11,000 people per square mile (17 per acre) if everybody was neatly spread around all of Gaza, desert and all. If you were told to “run” with your children, where exactly would you have been able to escape Israeli bombs when Israel was even bombing the beaches of Gaza? Israeli forces deliberately even killed entire families who were surrendering with white flags.
Yet you surprise me by saying, “Israel’s implementation of warning efforts that appear to have saved lives“.
Are you aware of DIME weapons that we have provided Israel? Ha’aretz reports that “The problem is that when you are killed – you are ripped to shreds and there is nothing left“. Continue reading

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Fort Hood Massacre…Thoughts From Different Days

November 6, 2009…6:13 p.m.

By now, I am sure everyone is aware of the attack in Fort Hood.
From the sound of the perpetrator’s name (Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan, an Army psychiatrist), this idiot is likely to be from South Asia.
We grieve for the dead and wounded soldiers and for their families and We are outraged at the betrayal to his uniform and to his country (and his fellow soldiers), that Maj. Malik has done by his murders. It is bad enough for a family to be getting ready to see their loved ones off to Afghanistan, but to hear that their loved one was killed or wounded right here, by a fellow soldier, must be the ultimate insult to the ultimate injury…no amount of compassion or sympathy can alleviate their sorrow.
Although many will refer to this as a “cowardly attack”, there is nothing “cowardly” or brave about this man’s attack; it is simply an act of evil. Continue reading

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US, Israel, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan

Like the lone child, is Turkey finally learning to point out that the Emperor and his Pit Bull have no clothes?!!?
It would appear that Turkey is no longer seeing Iran as a threat to Turkey rather, as a friend. Turkey is also becoming more assertive about telling Israel that its heavy hand on and slaughter of Palestinians is unacceptable. Continue reading

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Health Care, Who Cares?

Yesterday, I met a friend (we’ll call him “Red”) who used to be my neighbor until he moved away. He is a staunch Republican and I cannot recall an issue that we agreed on…our political “discussions” used to occur in our driveways and we would be screaming at each other Continue reading

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Kerry-Lugar or, S. 962: Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009

Well, the good news is that the US has decided to give Pakistan $1.5 BILLION a year for five years, renewable for another five, under Senate Bill S. 962: Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009.
The bad news is the the US publicly spat on the money before offering it to Pakistan. Continue reading

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Iran, Muslim nations, THE BOMB & other WMDs

Iran has been the whipping boy for the US and an obedient West ever since Iran made the grave “mistake” of kicking out the Shah. This over-reaction is based on several factors; that a country should dare to oppose the wishes of Rome (US) and then, take prisoner an entire diplomatic staff and THEN vilify Rome at every turn.
As if this were not enough, Iran then had the nerve to lambaste Rome’s Praetorian Guard (Israel) that maintains “balance” and order in the far-flung reaches of the Empire and keeps the dogs at bay. Continue reading

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