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An Explanation for “Why This Muslim Will Not Vote”

A friend from Canada wrote in response to my article (“Why This Muslim Will Not Vote“) saying it was most important for Muslims to vote. He said in Canada the system can identify who voted and how so, Muslims voting make a difference. My explanation for why I believe we Muslims should hold on to our votes  is important in the US, is below.
I cannot disagree with you much, but perhaps we differ in tactics because of the demographic identification abilities in the two countries (I don’t know how it is done in Canada).
There is no doubt that politicians even in the US, don’t pay much attention to Muslims and are actually more concerned about the opinions of the anti-Muslim mobs, because Muslims do not participate in the political process.  Actually, they do participate, but in such a fractionalized manner that they are not identifiable as participating.
In the US, one can find out who voted, but not how they voted.

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Why This Muslim Will Not Be Voting This Time

Elections are upon us, ballots have arrived in Washington state and politicians are desperate for votes. All our organizations say we should register to vote and we should VOTE for this person or that one and that is what I have been saying all this time.
Until now…
This time I am not going to be voting and this time, I will ask ALL Muslims to NOT vote; not for the best person, not for the worst one. Not for a democrat and not for a Republican…or any other one for that matter, just don’t vote.
The fact is, that as Muslims, it does not matter who we vote for, we WILL be targeted.

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Republican Persecution of Islam & Muslims

Right-wing groups are always looking for a threat that spreads fear and thus, causes the masses to unite behind a savior party…themselves. Throughout history, this has worked well for the right-wing, they look for a minority that has little or no political clout and then rush in for the kill…literally. Germany and Serbia come to mind immediately.

It is no different for the American right-wing today; the Republican Party, who have found their minority of choice; Muslims.

When Republican Presidential contender Ben Carson made his statements against Muslims and Islam, he was only serving as the voice of the Republican Party, which has nailed its colors on the mast of anti-Muslim hate and fear. He is not alone, there is not s single Republican party contender who does not support a platform that is hostile to Islam and Muslims.

Personally, I don’t care if he is against a possible Muslim president, plenty of people are against having a president who is form one group or another; Muslim, Jews, Atheist, Gay. Black, Hispanic…you name the group and someone will not want them to participate in the leadership of this country. It’s okay, it is their right to stand as they will.

Ben Carson and other Republican (and a number of Democrat) leaders however, are obliged to at least state their reasons for being against a group, accurately instead of fanning the flames of ignorance and bigotry. Let’s take a look at what he stands against. Continue reading

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Should Muslims Vote?

I have heard many a Muslim scholar and Imam telling their listeners not to vote and I have disagreed with them every time.

Until now…

As I see it, here is the problem Muslims face in every US (or other?) election; our votes do not count. To be sure, they count as far as the politicians are concerned because they understand how razor-thin margins can make the difference between an electoral victory or defeat.

  • Senator Al Franken from (MN) won his first election by a mere 7 votes and two recounts.
  • Senator Maria Cantwell (WA) won her first election by 2900 votes after spending over $10 million of her own money; big egos require big spending!
  • Ex-Gov Christine Gregoire won her first election by 129 recounted votes.
  • And the greatest tragedy of all, King George The Worst (GW) won his first election by a microscopic 600 Floridian votes…incidentally, where Muslims gave him their greatest support and money..

That’s how crucial votes can be for those fighting elections.

So why shouldn’t Muslims vote?

Because politically, we do not exist. Continue reading

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Fight the FBI & Immigration’s bid against Muslims in US!

US agencies keep telling us how they treat Muslims as no different from any other people and how they would like to “build bridges” with “The Muslim Community”, but their actions remain diametrically opposite to their rhetoric; they continue to treat Muslims and Islam as the greatest threat to the US and the West. So much so, that the FBI and other agencies actually have trainers on staff, who have trained agents on this bit of brainwashing….even as the FBI continues to tell us they have removed anti-Muslim books from their reference libraries and have stopped such training. Every time the FBI gives us this line of fiction, another expose informs us the it is anti-Muslim business as usual in the FBI and other law-enforcement agencies across the US.
It should not take the brains of a genius to figure out that the FBI is simply retaliating against Kariye, the Portland imam because he dared to join the lawsuit against the government’s discredited “No-Fly List”.

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Pakistan Supreme Court to hear Christian woman’s blasphemy case

This “process” is a cruel joke on the Christians and Hindus of Pakistan as Pakistan tries to look legitimate in the eyes of the world. The woman will be declared guilty and executed or, maybe allowed to “escape” with her family to another country if that can be arranged but such opportunities are reserved for the wealthy in Pakistan.
Pakistani “scholars” and Jurists would not know Blasphemy, or Sharia if those things were made of a steel club and the Pakistanis were hit by them.

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Muslim admits to massacre of Americans. Judge frees on bond

Wow, how can we protect America when we have stupid judges like these??!!
Make sure you read to the end.
Muslim Man Admits To Plotting To Massacre, Judge Sets Him Free Anyway
admitted in federal court to “plotting the annihilation” of a village in New York that is home to many Jews. His plans included “burning down a school, a temple and a cafeteria,” according to the criminal complaint.
“We’re gonna be carrying an M4 with 500 rounds of ammunition, light armor piercing. A pistol with three extra magazines, and a machete. And if it gets down to the machete, we will cut them to shreds,” the unnamed plotter allegedly said according to the transcript of a wiretap cited in the complaint. He also allegedly tried to recruit other individuals to participate in his plot through a Facebook group.

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Same-gender marriage okayed by Supreme Court

Marriage Equality is now upheld by the Supreme Court and while there have been some pretty bad Supreme Court decisions in the past…and some superb ones, this one is high on the list of the court’s better ones. Lots of people object to same-gender marriage on religious grounds and as far as anyone is concerned, their objections can stay in place. This decision allows those people who wish to share their lives with another (currently unconventional) person, to move on with their lives in peace. Religion’s place remains protected and indeed Churches and other places of worship can freely carry on with their faith-practices, but the State has been separated from religion in the area of marriage. Continue reading

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Seattle Mayor Supports anti-Palestinian Bigotry…AND anti-Muslim Bigotry!

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is gay and married to his partner. That’s not a problem with me except that he seems to be using the veil of his homosexuality to cover for his support for bigotry.
As My friend Richard Silverstein points out in his blog Tikun Olam, the mayor accepted in invitation to visit Israel (he is already there), paid for by the Israeli Foreign Ministry…which is paid for by the USA…which is paid for by YOUR tax dollars and mine. The Israelis paid for the trip to Israel AND subsidized a pre-visit holiday  for the mayor and his spouse and we get to pay for the $36,000 bill for Seattle Police for his protection while he is out there.
Why do I say he is supporting anti-Palestinian bigotry?
It does not take anyone with intelligence greater than a nit, to see what Israel is doing and has done to the Palestinians (paid for by our tax dollars), the humiliations, the brutality and the genocide of the Palestinians is beyond imagination. For Ed Murray and his spouse to accept the trip is not a lot different than accepting a trip to Serbia during the Serb genocide of the Bosnians or, visiting Hitler before War II, but this IS a free trip and it IS burnishing his political re-election campaign that is coming up next year.
To use supporting the Gay movement as an excuse for supporting Israel is as insulting to the Gay people, as supporting a Black African cultural festival in White South Africa would be insulting to Blacks all over the world.
Mayor Ed Murray is also on the board of the Holocaust Center of Seattle, an organization I fully supported until the day it honored a director of the strongly anti-Muslim Simon Wiesenthal Center, as a keynote speaker. The Holocaust center ignored all of our pleas to not invite the man, they even rejected our request for the Center to at least reject the anti-Muslim movies produced by the SWC. Instead, they labeled us as “Anti-Semites” and continued with their program to honor Islam-bashing.
I strongly supported Mayor Mike McGinn for re-election, but there were too many Muslim organizations that were, as usual, divided in their support and went with Murray instead. McGinn was one of the few politicians who wrote a strong letter to the FBI, condemning their use of the Muslim-bashing ads on the Bus where they put sixteen Muslim faces on buses and titled them “The Faces of Global Terrorism“, his was the letter that helped get the FBI to cancel their ad program. McGinn is a man of character but it appears that we favor self-serving, shallow people as our leaders
We got what we deserved.
With the month of Ramadan coming in the next few days, I wonder how many Muslim organizations will invite and thus, honor Mayor Ed Murray for an Iftar (breaking of the fast) celebration? That will inform him that we Muslims don’t mind the fact that he suports the extinction of the Palestinians from Israel and the bashing of Islam and Muslims. Then we will wonder why things are getting worse for Muslims in the US and in the West

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Try This! Ramadan, Fasting and Self-improvement

First Published August 24, 2008

This year, the Muslim month of Ramadan in the year 1436, begin on Thursday June 18th, 2015.  The Quran was first revealed to the Prophet Mohammed during this, the ninth month of the Muslim Lunar calendar, making it one of the holiest months for Muslims. This is the month for not only physical, but even more importantly, spiritual cleansing for Muslims.

The Muslim calendar is about 10 days shorter than the Common Era (Gregorian) calendar, thus, Ramadan begins about ten days earlier each C.E. Year, cycling through every season, over a period of about thirty-three years…including Summer! For those living in mild climates like the North-West United States, summer fasting is not a problem. However, in the heat of the Middle-East, Africa or Asia, fasting is a major test of endurance as well!

Observed with great ceremony, Muslims may not eat or drink from dawn to dusk each day, but there are exemptions. Under-age children, the infirm, the elderly and the ill, are exempt from the requirements of fasting while those who are traveling and  menstruating women, may make up afterwards. Some schools of thought allow for medications that do not provide nutrition, such as insulin, heart medications etc., while other schools believe nothing may be ingested during the fasting period. Continue reading

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