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Imran Khan, Pakistan and Malala Yusufzai

 Malala Yusufzai is just a little girl, barely 14 years old. At eleven, she became a poster-child for the movement for educate girls in Swat Valley, in Pakistan and simultaneously, she became a hated figure by the religious fanatics in the region who are associated with the Taliban-style of thinking.

Early this month, the schoolbus she was in, with other girls was stopped by some bearded people, one entered and demanded to know who Malala Yusufzai was. As she rose to identify herself, the man shot her in the head and neck and departed.

Left for dead, Malala lived. She was rushed to a local Hospital, later to a military hospital and then to Britain where she is showing signs of recovery.

The world erupted with sympathy for the poor and very brave girl, women, young and old started to sport signs saying, “I am Malala”. People condemned the action of the killers, demanding action against “The Taliban”.

Recently, people appear to have taken advantage of the anti-Taliban sentiments to attack Imran Khan, Continue reading

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Pakistan’s JF-17 Presentation in Dubai Air Show

Guns or butter? that has been the single driving question throughout history.
Pakistan’s JF-17 is a nice fighter jet that speaks well for Pakistan’s military assembly and production plants. The aircraft is a Chinese design, made up of components from many countries (mostly Chinese, some Russian and Western) and assembled in Pakistan, I doubt if it is better that the US F-16 and F-18s in any respects except for being cheaper. By next year, it is estimated that Pakistan will be producing 58% of the components itself.
It is a national disgrace, that these aircraft were first used against the people of South Waziristan.
That said, it is a national tragedy for Pakistan to be so involved in building war machines that cost BILLIONS and become obsolete after just a few years Continue reading

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