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Israel; Jewish State/Two-State

It looks like everything with regard to Israel, turns into an existential issue…”if this is allowed then it will doom Israel/Jews”, Blind Supporters of Israel seem to say. Others, who wish to support Israel and Jews are placed in the difficult situation of seeming to reject Israel (and therefore, Jews) or, underwriting Israel’s high-handedness and atrocities.
For decades, Israel has been asking and then demanding that the world recognize Israel as a legitimate state with most takers from Europe and Americas…a guilt-decision by the very nations that permitted or participated in the Shoah against Jews during WWII.
Now that there is explicit or, implicit recognition by almost every country in the world, Israel has ratcheted its demand up by several notches, it now demands that Israel be recognized as a JEWISH state; a state by Jews, for Jews and of Jews…clearly cleansed of the “Palestinian Problem” or, “the Demographic Bomb” as the Israelis are wont to note. This desire is also behind the so-called, “Two-State Solution” in which the Palestinians get “their own” piles of rocks to call their state, while Israel gets all of the pre-’67 lands (except for those with high Palestinian concentrations which are seen as a liability by most Israeli Jews which will result in a legitimized Bantustanization of Israel/Palestine), plus all the West Bank lands expropriated by Settlers and the state of Israel, since the conquest of 1967…and no Jerusalem.
Those anxious to have “a state for Jews” point to the fact of having a state for Palestinians where they can be masters of their own benighted destinies. The Two-State ‘Solutioners’ omit significant facts from the picture of Palestinian nirvana:
  • Water rights…Israel will be dependent on the water that lies under a future Palestine, the Golan and the Jordan River; resources that are already heavily drawn-upon in a situation where Palestinians are not permitted enough water for their own use. What will happen when Palestinians want water sufficient for their own use? Israel will probably demand a minimum supply of water, leaving precious little for Palestinians. This is probably the single most important issue facing not only Israel/Palestine, but the entire world.
  • Defense…Israel has already ruled out a Palestine capable of defending itself, so no Army and no Air Force.
  • Sovereignty…Israel has already demanded the “right” for its forces to enter a future “independent” Palestine to “protect itself”.
  • Contiguity…every “plan” for a two-state “solution presented so far, is a series of Bantustan hamlets designed for a well-established Jewish Israel and a moth-eaten Palestine. Gaza has been a problem for Israel ever since it took Gaza in a deft manipulation of Egypt (or was it Egypt that deftly manipulated itself out of Gaza?). In any two-state “solution”, Gaza is presented as a non-contiguous part of “Palestine”. This concept of non-contiguity has become such a strong part of the demands for the new Israel (Jewish and “secure”), that demands for a contiguous Palestinian state are seen as an attempt to destroy Israel; a litmus test between a “moderate” and a terrorist”.
  • Right of return…Horrors! how can a “Jewish Israel” tolerate an influx of ARAB non-Jews? Note I said “Arab”; Israel already has imported many Russians who are not Jews and who have made their new lives in Israel…they are not the dirty “Arvit” and therefore, are welcome as a buffer against the “terrorists”.
  • Compensation…No compensation for Palestinians whose lives and properties were taken from 1949 all the way through today. There is no answer to the question that if compensation is okay for Jews who lost lives and property in WWII, why is it unacceptable for Christian and Muslim Palestinians who also lost their lives and property, but this time, at the hands of Jews?
Essentially, Israel demands the right to use a future Palestine to serve the needs of Israel in every way possible. A future second state of Palestine will be held hostage every time it does something Israel disapproves of, as we have already seen by Israel’s actions to date. Israel has and continues to not pass on the taxes it collects on behalf of the current Palestinian “entity” (but don’t dare call Israel the “Jewish Entity”!) in order to starve the Palestinians into doing its bidding. Israel decided on the “Strangulation Policy” (their term) and got the US and many European countries to buy off on it when the Palestinians dared to vote for Hamas in the only free elections ever held by Palestinians. This policy has led to severe birth defects and many deaths due to lack of medical facilities (bombed by Israel), lack of medicine (not permitted by Israel), lack of schooling, lack of just about anything to do with life in Gaza. The Gazans are forced for live in sub-human conditions exacerbated by daily and routine shelling, firing, bombing and breaking of the Sound Barrier by Israeli Air Force, over Gaza. An entire generation has grown up knowing nothing but mindless violence…on top of the entire population that has known nothing but the Israel Jackboot and arbitrary murders by Israeli settlers, security forces and military….all paid for by generous funds from the US and Europe. Ironically, the very Euros being paid to Israel as compensation for the Shoah, are funding a Shoah on the Palestinians, BY the victims of the last Shoah.
The way things are going, Israel and its Blind Supporters have little to fear although they do raise the alarm every time something appears to question Israel’s total control over all lands East of the Jordan River. With a little more manipulation and a little more extremism shown by Hamas that has been driven to its more conservative position by the Strangulation Policy, Fatah will win the next rigged election. Israel can then buy off the corrupted Fatah leaders just as it has done over the past decades (Arafat, Abbas et al) and get them to sign off on whatever “compromise” Israel decides it has to make, in order to get everything it wants and leave crumbs for Palestine.
What everyone on the Blindly pro-Israel side has been steadfastly ignoring is that imposition of an unjust solution will only guarantee a delayed war between Jews on one side and Christian and Muslim Arabs in Palestine on the other. But then, the world will shut its eyes and ears (Again!) as Israel brings down its version of the Final Solution on the Palestinians because the Palestinians will have been proven ungrateful and irredeemably murderous.
Another things being forced off the table is the One-State Solution, where Jews, Christians and Muslims are integrated in a deliberate series of stages, until the entire state is a single, unified country with three faiths living together as they have been whenever they were allowed to do so without outside interference. A single state can easily be crafted such that no single faith-group can be overwhelmed by the other two and that each faith-group has protected representations in its government.
The Single-State solution is the ONLY possible, lasting solution in spite of the howls by the Blindly pro-Israel lobbies that any such solution will mean the eradication of Israel and the annihilation of Jews, to which I respond by, “Balderdash”!

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