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“Jihad Against Islam”

Southern Poverty Law Center just released their Summer 2011 Intelligence Report with a leading report on “Jihad Against Islam“. A bold issue that tackles almost all the Fear- and Hate-mongers against Islam and Muslims in America, including the very powerful and famous…including the bogus, self-promoting “experts on Islam and Terrorism” like Pipes, Gaffney, Horowitz, Hannity, Fox “News” etc.,

It is very encouraging to see a report by an organization that is much respected in the US, for its stance against hate. We hope this is the first step in America, of the awareness and actions against the anti-Muslim hysteria being promoted at all platforms.

There are a few things I would have changed in the report. The author, Robert Steinback (who is to be congratulated for his article) wrote:

  • And Muslims have one uniquely debilitating additional characteristic: a sliver of global Muslim society willing to resort to terrorism. It’s a small sliver, but it doesn’t need to be large. If 99.9% of the world’s Muslims were firmly dedicated to peace and nonviolence, that would still leave hundreds of thousands posing a legitimate and very significant public danger. It took only 19 jihadist terrorists, after all, to kill 2,977 innocent people on 9/11.

This is an unfortunate acquiescence to the mania for statistics that then creates false numbers and misleading results. There is no reliable and statistically-valid study of global Muslims, that suggests ANY percentage of Muslims who are for participation in violence against the West. Daniel Pipes came up with his “statistics” that said 20% of Muslims in America support “Terrorism” and that number has become entrenched in the language of most leaders and “experts” around the US, if not the West. As Churchill once said, “the only statistics you can trust are the ones you made up yourself“.

America’s penchant for numbers creates very difficult situations for Muslims; in my daughter’s Mountlake Terrace High-School class years ago, a teacher Mr. Dremousis, put out his own “statistics” on how many Muslims support “terrorism” and then said to his class that they should be careful of whom they befriend (among Muslims). In spite of repeated requests by me, that teacher was never disciplined or made to attend any re-training.

Many Right-wing people I have come across, tell me how worried they are that “20%” of all Muslims in America sympathize with “terrorism”. They then extrapolate the percentage into numbers of Muslims in America who may just be (pardon the pun) dying to kill Americans.

In a later paragraph, Steinback quoted the Triangle Center on Terrorism & Homeland Security and listed some attacks against people conducted by Muslims (“Of course, there has been serious terrorism from homegrown Muslims in this country.”). This skewed reference casts Muslims as indeed, being violent, but if he had taken a broader view on terrorism, he would have found as many if not more attacks by non-Muslims including groups preparing Cyanide Bombs, having explosives (“Enough to flatten an entire city block“, “The Largest cache of explosives in a home, in the history of the US“…FBI), targeting Muslim institutions, smuggling ground-to-air missiles and much more. A broader view would have been more scholarly and would have reinforced the feeling that terrorism is not a Muslim monopoly.

I wish the report also addressed the rapidly-growing phenomenon of training of Law-enforcement agents and entire agencies, that Islam is hostile to the West and Muslims should not be trusted. I wish too, that the report had noted that the main funding source of these Hate-Islam trainings is our very own Department of Homeland Security which has made no attempts to curb such training despite repeated appeals that they should do so.

Steinback also said, “George W. Bush, who consistently argued that terrorism, not Islam or Muslims in general, was the nation’s enemy“, but the tragic truth is that it was under King George the Worst, that the greatest attacks against Muslims in America (and outside America) were launched and it was under his regime that Muslims found themselves in jails without charges and our of jobs just because they were Muslims. The Presidents words and the actions of his Administration, were in stark contrast with each other.

The SPLC report does a good job in highlighting the bigotry arrayed against Muslims and Islam and we should be glad that a well-recognized institution like SPLC has finally picked up the gauntlet against Islamophobes.

Let us hope that more organizations and leaders start to take note of the anti-Muslim brainwashing that is being perpetrated on America.

Full Story:

Jihad Against Islam


Rarely has the United States seen a more reckless and bare-knuckled campaign to vilify a distinct class of people and compromise their fundamental civil and human rights than the recent rhetoric against Muslims.

One doesn’t have to probe very deeply to find the fingerprints of the eight central activists – Spencer, Pipes, Horowitz, Gaffney, Emerson, Gabriel, Geller and Yerushalmi – on almost every aspect of the recent surge in anti-Muslim fervor in America. The conservative media, led by FOX News personalities Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Eric Bolling and including the upstart Pajamas Media online network, evangelist Franklin Graham, and a contingent of sympathetic right-wing bloggers and commentators, have joined in to help construct a “movement” that 9/11 itself didn’t generate.

Full Story:


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    Comment by Fred Gennari | July 9, 2011 | Reply

    • Greetings,

      I am not sure what you meant by sending the link to “”. I am assuming you meant to challenge the theory of Islamophobia and tell us why you believe Islam is NOT a religion of peace.

      Anybody can make the case that a certain race, religion of ethnic group is sub-human, violent, crazed, “incompatible with Humanity”, murderous. It really take very little effort to “prove” that Muslims or, Jews or, Hindus or, Christians or, just about anyone is murderous…go ahead, pick a group and let us see if we can build a “case” against them.

      The problem here is that for some reason, a whole lot of very influential groups, mostly belonging to right-wing Churches and right-wing Jewish organizations, have decided to make Islam and therefore, Muslims, the enemy. Their access to influence and money makes it impossible for Muslims to fight their propaganda and thus, they gain more ground against Islam and Muslims, than we do FOR Islam and Muslims.

      I would not deny that there are many extremely violent Muslim groups and individuals and I would never try to excuse them; they are condemnable and deserve all the rejection we can muster. However, for non-Muslims to use those examples against all of Islam and Muslims is not only unfair, it is false.

      Islam IS a faith of peace and indeed, I would challenge you to find me a single reference in the Quran that, IN ITS PROPER CONTEXT, advocates violence against non-combatants. Even against combatants, the Quran is clear in saying every attempt should be made to obtain a peaceful resolution because, “God does not love the aggressor” (2:190).

      I can equally offer examples of extreme inhumanity and violence among Jews, Christian, Hindus and even Buddhists, but I do not wish to get into a gutter-fight with hate-mongers by comparing evil with evil. If however, you contact me directly, I will be happy to give you examples to show that evil, like Good, is not a monopoly by any faith.

      I wish you well.


      Comment by penjihad | July 9, 2011 | Reply

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