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Sri Lanka Bombings

Sri Lanka Bombings.

Almost 300 people killed in Sri Lanka and the government there says it was the work of s fringe Muslim group. Yes, the government might be wrong but the tragedy is that they could also be RIGHT!

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Yemen, another trap US sets…for itself!

The House of Saud has co-opted a number of countries into giving support for its destruction of Houthis, who practice Zaidi school of Shia Islam and who are rejected by the Saudis as heretics. The House of Saud is appearing to bring back the corrupted and ineffective Yemeni (Sunni) leader, who escaped to Arabia after he faced being deposed by the Houthis.

The House of Saud’s “Coalition of the Willing” includes the Gulf states, (Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE), it also includes Jordan and Egypt and efforts are being made to bring in Pakistan as well; Already, Pakistan’s highly trained vets (mercenaries) form the backbones of the militaries of Jordan and all the Gulf countries. Other unadvertised allies of the Saudis, fighting actively against the Houthis, are Al-Qaeda (AQAP) and ISIS (both sworn to destroy America), the latter already taking control of several towns in Aden.

This, against the total estimate of about 100,000 Houthi fighters, spread all over Yemen.

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