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Four Bullets…

A harmless man, walking in the streets of Seattle with a 3-inch (7.62 cm) knife in his hand,was seen by a Police officer and within sixty seconds, the man was dead, with four bullets from the over-hyped Policeman…FOUR bullets.
People screamed “racism” because he was a Native American, but the Police came back with a very serious statement that said they looked into it and the officer would have reacted in the same way had the person been of another race…essentially, “We’d still have killed him“.
Instead of looking at why a man was killed, why there was a need for FOUR bullets or, why the bullets had to be clustered in the torso, the Seattle Police appear to be examining how the “Young Police Officer” (their term) had no choice but to do what he did.
I was at the Native American…John Williams’ death-protest march on September 16th in Seattle. There must have been about 600-800 people there, Continue reading

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