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ADL: Plumbing new depths in bigotry

On January 11, the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith issued a press-release (see below) accusing American Muslims of being anti-Semitic, anti-American and untrustworthy supporters of “terrorism”. In the Press Release dripping with venom, the ADL wordsmiths very cleverly lay accusations as thickly as they could, to ensure that the American (Christian and Jew) reader would emerge shaking with fear and hate for Arabs and Muslims.   Continue reading

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Profiling: “Terrorism” and other crimes

A young Nigerian tried to blow up a passenger airplane as it approached Detroit and fortunately, succeeded in burning himself instead; It could have been disastrous.
The bigots and the ignorant have been having one field day after another, ever since.
Loud proclamations could be heard, to the effect:
  • “He was a devout Muslim!” (now THERE is a true mark of a trrrrst!)
  • “What to do about these Muslim terrorists?”
  • “He was Muslim, flying one-way, had no luggage and paid with cash”
  • “Muslims between 18 and 28 years of age, should be strip-searched before letting them board a plane”, said a retired US General (why not just shoot them all, General?) Continue reading

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“War!”; gathering intelligence intelligently

  The man who blew himself up and took 7 CIA men with him should help teach us in the US, the same lesson…yet again! But if the lesson learnt is that we should not trust Arabs and Muslims, then all seven CIA lives, all American lives before them and all lives that will be taken in the future, will have been totally wasted.  

What should the US have learnt, this time, as they should have, a long time ago? There is no substitute for good intelligence-gathering and good intelligence-gathering does not come through the eye of a satellite, the cross-hairs of a drone or, from a rented stranger, it comes from good friends. But first, let us see how the US deliberately alienates Muslims across the world.   Continue reading

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Captain Mohammed Dreyfus

(First published March 29, 2004) In 1893 Alfred Dreyfus, a captain of the French Army, was accused and tried for treason. In spite of evidence to the contrary, he was convicted and sent to prison in Devil’s Island for the rest of his life. The Dreyfus’ case unleashed a storm of anti-Semitism all over France (he was a Jew) and it was only through mighty efforts of people of good will all over France that he was finally exonerated of all charges in 1906 and then too, only after a change of government. He was re-instated in the army with the rank of Major and fought gallantly in WWI as Lieutenant Colonel.

In 2003 Captain James Yee, a Muslim Chaplain at Guantanamo Bay, was placed in solitary confinement, in shackles for most of 76 days in a military brig where he was not even told what time of day or night it was so he could pray. No one was told where he was or what the charges were against him and the word “espionage” was widely used by various spokes people; his military lawyers were told to prepare for a death-penalty defense. Continue reading

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Virgins In Paradise

(First published January 1, 2009) “Suicide-bombers blow themselves up because they are promised 72 virgins in Heaven”…Oh, how I loathe this statement!

Critics of Islam like to describe “virgins in Paradise” (“Houris”) as base, sex-objects and motivation for Muslim suicide-bombers, because it helps promote hate and fear towards Islam and Muslims; the tactic works because of the negative connotations for sex in the ‘Christian’ part of the “Judeo-Christian Civilization”. Continue reading

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Protect us from Our Protectors!

(First Published April 20, 2007) A few days ago, the FBI raided the Somali Grocery Store in South Seattle.

Guns drawn, everybody was ordered to hit the floor…it was most dramatic! I am sure our law enforcers were pretty psyched up and I am relieved that nobody jumped up when this raid occurred because only God knows what could have happened under such itchy fingers. Continue reading

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Health Care, Who Cares?

Yesterday, I met a friend (we’ll call him “Red”) who used to be my neighbor until he moved away. He is a staunch Republican and I cannot recall an issue that we agreed on…our political “discussions” used to occur in our driveways and we would be screaming at each other Continue reading

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