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Will the Republican Party ever “get it”?

Elections 2012 are over and the Republican Party has lost handily as the American Public rejected their platform of Hate, Fear and Exclusion.
If people are awaiting serious soul-searching from within the Party ranks, they may have to wait a while, the Party is still unable and unwilling to look at what may have caused their failure.
The Romney Campaign maintains that in spite of his fluent Spanish, Mitt had a “Communication Problem” with the Latino voters. The day after the elections, one senior party leader conceded that the Republican Party had a “Hispanic Problem“, but the sad fact is that the Republican party has many “Problems” AND it is in complete denial of every single one of them.
With 70% of its voters being White, the Reps are on a path to extinction unless Continue reading

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US Democracy and Muslims

I believe that a poorly-running democracy is still better than the alternative. Of course, we should not be fooled into believing a certain system is a democracy just because some people say so and others choose to repeat the mantra.
Israel for example, is an excellent democracy…for Jews, but its Arab citizens are S.O.L., which is very similar to South Africa which also had an excellent democracy…for its Whites.
A democracy derives it power from the people and therefore, must serve the needs of its people…ALL its people.

Of course, the lynchpin of a democracy is its people; if the people are not vigilant and if the people do not participate, then the democracy becomes a government for special interests which get narrower and narrower until the people are forgotten.
Britain is a monarchy, but works very well as a democracy…much better than the US.
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Voting Suggestions 2012

Please share widely with your lists

Voter ballots have arrived in Washington State’s homes and it is time for us to vote. In general, Muslims have the same concerns as our fellow American s who are not Muslim…with one exception; Civil Rights.

Ever since 9-11, the anti-Muslim animosities have become almost a hysterical shriek which is led by right-wing political and religious (Jews and Christians) groups backed by funds that seem to have no limits. Politicians, smelling votes and money, have jumped on this bandwagon either by adding their shrieks to the din or, by remaining silent in the face of anti-Muslim attacks.

Thus it is, that some Muslims have decided to present an agreement to some politicians, in order to gauge their stand against Islamophobia. Most of the few politicians who were asked, agreed to sign the Agreement, one avoided giving an answer and one flat-out refused to sign it.

It is our goal that Muslims will support the politicians who agreed to sign it and will oppose the one who refused, while allowing the benefit of the doubt for the one who avoided giving an answer…this time around.

It is our hope that by the next election cycle 2014, we will be in a position to collectively use our Muslim voting power such that we can help make a politician’s career or, break it.

The list of people to vote for, is below. The politicians who agreed to sign the document, will be shown in bold blue, the ones we did not ask, but support, will be in bold black and the ones we do not wish to support with a vote, will be in bold red. This same selection includes the issues and initiatives which will have a brief explanation given with each. Continue reading

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