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Gen. Boykin’s fantasy march against Islam

Today, in America the privileged are those with closed minds, who drive Americans to the verge of hysteria with fearful images of Muslims gone wild, determined to slaughter every “Unbeliever” they can find…WE can find; I am a Muslim AND an American, so I switch from one identity to another, which can sometimes, confuse the reader. Rest assured, I am both and there is no contradiction in that.

The Hate-Islam industry is vast and growing, some leaders of this industry are sincere if misguided Christians who believe any perception of challenge to their faith, must be met with an assault on that challenge. Other leaders in this industry are sincere if misguided Jews who believe any defense of Israel, by definition, includes destroying Muslims and Arabs wherever they can be found.

Then there are leaders of the Hate-Islam industry who can feel the pulse of fear and ignorance in the general population and they know that if they can stoke those fears, then the leaders will become greater leaders, richer and more popular. These opportunistic leaders include politicians and “experts” on Islam and “terrorism”, they are fully aware that their fostering of hate and fear of Islam and Muslims is based on false presumptions, but they do not care, as long as their goals are furthered.

Back on February 11, 2011, General William G. Boykin wrote an article on The Texas Insider, entitled, “Shariah Law or Constitution? America Must Choose“. This is the same general who toured churches and heaped scorn in Islam and Muslims, saying things like, “My God is Jesus while theirs (Muslims) is Satan”. Continue reading

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