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Ban Muslim Laws, Ban Jewish Laws

There is so much mythology and fantasy around the so-called “Sharia Law” that a large number of states have now been involved in either passing laws against “Sharia Law” (under various euphemisms) or, have been involved in voting for the “ban” or, are currently discussing methods to ban “Sharia Law”( Map below is as of March 2012).


Going into details of Sharia and its application would require a separate, detailed article however, it is worth point out a few basic facts about Sharia and the hysteria being generated against it in the West, led by the US.

Sharia is a composite Continue reading

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Why Muslims MUST get engaged everywhere in the US

The Grand Question of the Day is not whether Muslims should get engaged in all aspects of life around us, rather, it is whether Muslims can afford not to get actively engaged and how long we may be expected to last if we remain isolated in our own country?

It is said there are three kinds of people; those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who ask, “What happened?”

These days, Muslims fall in the second and third categories. We avoid getting involved and offer justifications that salve our conscience that we don’t need to get involved after all.

Some Muslims say it is “Haram” (forbidden) to associate and cooperate with the (“Unbeliever”) “kuffar”. The theory being that the workings of “Muslim” countries offer us a better chance to help with honesty, decency and Justice, than the workings in the “kuffar” countries…the THEORY!

The facts are in stark contrast with the idealistic picture we have in our minds between the Good (“Muslim” countries) and the Bad (“kuffar” countries). In fact, there is more Iman (faith) in the so-called “kuffar” countries, than there is in the countries we would love to think of as “Muslim” countries. We have greater freedoms HERE, we can pursue our jobs with more ease and not worry about paying bribes just the stay in office or, get promoted and for the most part, we get more respect and greater peace here than we would in any “Muslim” country.

There is also nothing in the Quran, the prohibits Muslims from working in countries where we are minorities.

Some Muslims argue against cooperation with “the kuffar” because they are hostile towards Muslims and our cooperation will only help them persecute Muslims more.

Some Muslims keep thinking this is only for a short time and they will return to the Old country “one of these days”. These people are never going to settle down, but few of them will ever return top the Old country; they will continue to grumble and idealize the Old country more and more, but with every visit “back home” they will postpone their plans of return for a little while longer…until they are buried here.

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Gen. Boykin’s fantasy march against Islam

Today, in America the privileged are those with closed minds, who drive Americans to the verge of hysteria with fearful images of Muslims gone wild, determined to slaughter every “Unbeliever” they can find…WE can find; I am a Muslim AND an American, so I switch from one identity to another, which can sometimes, confuse the reader. Rest assured, I am both and there is no contradiction in that.

The Hate-Islam industry is vast and growing, some leaders of this industry are sincere if misguided Christians who believe any perception of challenge to their faith, must be met with an assault on that challenge. Other leaders in this industry are sincere if misguided Jews who believe any defense of Israel, by definition, includes destroying Muslims and Arabs wherever they can be found.

Then there are leaders of the Hate-Islam industry who can feel the pulse of fear and ignorance in the general population and they know that if they can stoke those fears, then the leaders will become greater leaders, richer and more popular. These opportunistic leaders include politicians and “experts” on Islam and “terrorism”, they are fully aware that their fostering of hate and fear of Islam and Muslims is based on false presumptions, but they do not care, as long as their goals are furthered.

Back on February 11, 2011, General William G. Boykin wrote an article on The Texas Insider, entitled, “Shariah Law or Constitution? America Must Choose“. This is the same general who toured churches and heaped scorn in Islam and Muslims, saying things like, “My God is Jesus while theirs (Muslims) is Satan”. Continue reading

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