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Voting Suggestions 2012

Please share widely with your lists

Voter ballots have arrived in Washington State’s homes and it is time for us to vote. In general, Muslims have the same concerns as our fellow American s who are not Muslim…with one exception; Civil Rights.

Ever since 9-11, the anti-Muslim animosities have become almost a hysterical shriek which is led by right-wing political and religious (Jews and Christians) groups backed by funds that seem to have no limits. Politicians, smelling votes and money, have jumped on this bandwagon either by adding their shrieks to the din or, by remaining silent in the face of anti-Muslim attacks.

Thus it is, that some Muslims have decided to present an agreement to some politicians, in order to gauge their stand against Islamophobia. Most of the few politicians who were asked, agreed to sign the Agreement, one avoided giving an answer and one flat-out refused to sign it.

It is our goal that Muslims will support the politicians who agreed to sign it and will oppose the one who refused, while allowing the benefit of the doubt for the one who avoided giving an answer…this time around.

It is our hope that by the next election cycle 2014, we will be in a position to collectively use our Muslim voting power such that we can help make a politician’s career or, break it.

The list of people to vote for, is below. The politicians who agreed to sign the document, will be shown in bold blue, the ones we did not ask, but support, will be in bold black and the ones we do not wish to support with a vote, will be in bold red. This same selection includes the issues and initiatives which will have a brief explanation given with each. Continue reading

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Jafar Siddiqui’s Primary Elections List

I offer a list of electoral candidates that we support, after the list, there will be an explanation for reasons why. Note: Since these are Primary Elections, we will be willing to give the benefit of the doubt to candidates who have been asked, but have not yet signed The Pledge. We will take a much stronger position in the General Elections, against people who fail to sign The Pledge.

To begin with, Muslims have the same concerns as non-Muslims in choosing our political leaders…with one difference, we want to feel secure in this country. For Muslims, personal security, free from the prodding and persecutions that have beset us since 9-11, is probably the single overriding concern. We wish to be able to pursue our lives with the comfort and knowledge that we are going to be treated as equals in this country of equals and that we will be accorded the same rights and the same equal protections under the constitution, that are enjoyed by our fellow (non-Muslim) Americans.

Unfortunately, this is not so today… Continue reading

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Southwest Airlines and Institutional Bigotry

Bigotry against Muslims and Islam has become so institutionalized that barely any notice is given when the fig-leaf of “Security” is used to hide behind and bash Muslims.

Last week a young female Muslim student was removed by Police from a Southwest flight on orders from the Captain of the craft. The Captain was reacting to his flight stewardess who said she was “uncomfortable” with the Muslim woman because she was wearing a hijab and the stewardess had heard her say, “It’s a go” in her cell phone just before boarding. Continue reading

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