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Police, the Lovely and the Ugly

On May 26th 2011, I graduated from the Seattle Police Citizens’ Academy after attending a ten-week course designed to help civilians understand the workings of the Seattle Police Department. My motivation was to understand how the Seattle Police works and then to push Muslims to join the Police. I firmly believe that Muslims must get involved in the life and the workings of every country where they live, because that is the best path towards helping the non-Muslim majority populations understand who we Muslims are and to help them accept us as no different than any of them. How else can the departments be helped to a better understanding of who we are and how else are we to de-fang the myths that are promoted against us, by fear-mongers?

Towards this end, I believe Muslims must become volunteers, interns and members of law-enforcement departments (Police, FBI etc.,), political offices and service agencies wherever an opportunity should present itself.

At the end of the ten-week session, I found myself in a strange position; I still promote Muslims’ involvements in every field, but I am deeply disturbed by the training and attitudes that are ingrained in every Police officer. I was so torn between support of an agency whose goals are admirable and the training of their officers, that I kept putting off writing about my experience, week after week, because I was unable to work it out for myself.

It is time I wrote. Continue reading

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Four Bullets…

A harmless man, walking in the streets of Seattle with a 3-inch (7.62 cm) knife in his hand,was seen by a Police officer and within sixty seconds, the man was dead, with four bullets from the over-hyped Policeman…FOUR bullets.
People screamed “racism” because he was a Native American, but the Police came back with a very serious statement that said they looked into it and the officer would have reacted in the same way had the person been of another race…essentially, “We’d still have killed him“.
Instead of looking at why a man was killed, why there was a need for FOUR bullets or, why the bullets had to be clustered in the torso, the Seattle Police appear to be examining how the “Young Police Officer” (their term) had no choice but to do what he did.
I was at the Native American…John Williams’ death-protest march on September 16th in Seattle. There must have been about 600-800 people there, Continue reading

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The Tender Touch of Seattle Police

“I am going to beat the fucking Mexican piss out of you homey, you feel me?”

By now most people must have read or heard the words coming out of Seattle Police officer Shandy Cobane as he kicked a Hispanic suspect…who turned out to be an innocent man. Apparently, a King 5 poll (although not statistically sound) discovered that 70% of the respondents see that the reaction by the authorities is not enough, a startling 30% see that it IS enough!

Any bets on the ethnicities of the said 30%?

Officer Sandy Cobane then showed up at a press conference in tears, “remorseful and ashamed“, according to the reporter.

Cobane was in tears because, as he said, “…my comments have not only embarrassed myself, but have truly let down my colleagues. Colleagues who, without thinking twice, would lay down their lives for me“. He goes on through his blue tears, “To my brother detectives, I offer my sincerest apologies. I hope you will not allow my insensitive comments to taint what the department and the community have worked so hard to build.”

Wonderful! We can all cry with our contrite Police officer and salute the Blue Wall of Police uniforms as they move to protect their own. Politicians being gutless and true to form haven’t yet murmured any words of disgust; the Seattle Council said in a statement that the video of the man being beaten was, “troubling”, Mayor McGinn called the video, “disturbing”. Continue reading

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