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Countering WHITE Violent Extremism (CWVE)

White people MUST keep an eye out for radicalized Whites. White people must bear the responsibility of not turning their radicalized White people to the authorities because it is well-known that Whites know who is being radicalized and who is about to go on a terrorist spree.

White Police and FBI must also bear the responsibility for not taking action when they do find another White man who is turning to violence and radicalization. We live in a free country where we have a right to the peaceful enjoyment of life and of the pursuit of happiness but if White people, White Police and White FBI continue to allow the growth of White Violent Extremists, America will no longer be the free, democratic country we so love. White-on-White murders have reached epidemic proportions yet, neither Whites nor While law-enforcement seem to be doing anything about it. Of course the White House has cut off funding for White Supremacist organizations which gives a convenient excuse to White Law enforcement agencies to not follow violent White activities. Continue reading

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Las Vegas Slaughter, can we stop it?

More than 50 people are dead and the number is likely going to go up as some more of the injured lose they lives. Hundreds are injured.

How does this happen? How can Steven Paddock, a single person, kill so many at one go? No matter what weapon a person has, short of a bomb, it is not possible to kill and injure so many from such a distance unless one is well-trained in the art of using automatic and semi-automatic weapons.

Already, interested parties are running to defend their positions.

“He was just a guy,” Eric Paddock (brother) told The Daily Mail. “Something happened, he snapped or something, he was just a guy.”.

Sure. That’s true for everyone until they “snap”, except that when the person who “snapped” is not “one of us”, we begin to look for universal conspiracies.

Two Congressional representatives from Las Vegas were being interviewed on NPR at different times. After the usual, de rigueur expressions of condolences, the reporter asked the inevitable question about gun-control. We could almost see the congressman duck and cover as he said, “This is not a time for politics, it is a time to help people…etc., etc., blather blather…”. The other politician…probably a Democrat said a few mild words about “looking at guns” but she too, was more concerned about her job, than trying to look for solutions.

Oh, and what is the rest of America doing? Continue reading

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Guns & Newtown CT; Any lessons learnt?

“We must have a conversation about this” said our President mourning the Newtown children and their teachers, who had been slaughtered by Adam Lanza and everyone agreed.
Just like they agreed every time in the past that such tragedies happened.
Taking their cues, the NRA Gun Lobbies start their campaign of, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and, “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns“. Congress, not being suicidal, takes their cues from the NRA and tables “conversations about this” to later…MUCH later.
Already, the prediction is that civilian assault rifle (AR-15, the Connecticut killer’s gun) sales will go up, because people are afraid of possible legislation to ban the gun. Most gun-nuts equate gun-control with someone taking their guns away from them.
In the meantime, calls are going out to arm teachers because, if teachers are armed, then people will hesitate to start shooting in schools. Let’s look at this argument… Continue reading

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