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Burning the Quran

Okay tell me, who had heard of the Dove World Outreach Center ( before their leader Terry Jones decided to burn copies of the Quran on September 11, 2010?
That’s right, not a handful of people outside of his two-mile radius.
Terry Jones…Doctor Terry Jones, who spouts Robert Spencer’s language when describing Muslims and Islam, decided to burn copies of the Quran and suddenly he was propelled into great fame across the ranks of Muzlem-fearing Americans and into Europe. Here’s the best standard for the right to freedom of expression! let us ALL burn the Quran just to show how much we love our great “freedoms”…freedoms to bash Muslims and Islam, that is; similar “freedom” is hardly ever exercised against the more powerful minorities like Jews or Blacks. Continue reading

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Jihad Jane & the myth of “Freedom of Speech”

It is no small matter; trying to kill someone for whatever reason, shows a singular lack of intelligence and inclinations towards brutality. Of course, seeking to justify the killing by invoking God, religion, “patriotism” or anything else, is simply an insult to the glory of the invoked “cause” and only betrays the small-mindedness of the perpetrators. Continue reading

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“Freedom of Speech” and Cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed

(Originally written on September 20, 2007). Around July 2007, Swedish artist Lars Vilks, created some drawings that claimed to be the face of the Prophet Mohammed on the body of a dog; his idea was to provoke people by proposing a model to be placed on a roundabout in Sweden.

He got his wish. Continue reading

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