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ISIS volunteers and IDF (Israel) Volunteers

More British Muslims Fight for Islamic State Than Britain“,  “Somali-Americans leave homes, friends in Minnesota to fight alongside ISIS jihadis” scream just a few of the headlines in the Media recently.

I detest ISIS and all other fanatics fighting as Muslims, whether they do so in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan or, anywhere else. These people think they are protecting and promoting Islam, by brutally killing anyone…Muslim or not…who does not subscribe to their own narrow belief system. They  are oppressive and their ways of killing are brutal. Psychopathic would perhaps be a better way of describing their behavior, because they kill without any thought. Continue reading

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Seattle Muslim Sentenced for Terrorism

Yup! We got us another one of the usual suspects (see Press Release below) and America is Free once again.
I do wish I could stand behind at least most of the busts the FBI makes on us Muzlem Trrrrsts, but try as I might, I can’t.
I don’t believe more than three or four of the dozens and dozens of Muslims charged or tried by the FBI, are guilty or, would have been worthy of notice had they been left to themselves. In every case, one or more informant is involved who has been under FBI pressure to find someone to hang or else; Some of them have been given $100,000 or more for “expenses” and their only job has been to infiltrate a Mosque congregation, find some disaffected Muslims (I am one of those disaffected ones) Continue reading

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