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Coup Against God

A fanatic is someone who does what he believes God would do, if only God had all the facts(Finley Peter Dunne-Chicago Tribune) . This is by far the best and the most accurate definition of a fanatic that I have come across. Tragically, we are getting more and more fanatics around us with each year that passes. Just in Pakistan alone, the population of fanatics has gone exponentially up since the calm, relatively tolerant days when I used to live there in the 1970s.

No matter what God says in the Quran, our beloved fanatics know better. They know that God really did not mean what He said, He meant what these fanatics believe to be “The Truth” so they contradict almost everything He says in the Quran.

Bismillah irrahman irrahim” (In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful). Instead of listening to the exhortations of Peace, Mercy, Forgiveness that are found throughout the Quran, our fanatic friends choose the most severe punishments they can conjure against people who break the many, imagined rules of faith: Continue reading

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When Islam is left to the scholars

In every field of study, scholars serve a vital function, they help us understand the problems and how to resolve questions, they help us learn about the subject with help of their deep knowledge and they help lead us to higher levels of understanding.


But scholars can be wrong; they often have been and many, still are. There was a time when scholars said the speed of sound was the ultimate barrier; one could not go any faster. Before that, there were teams of scholars who said the Earth was flat, there were scholars who said the Earth was the center around which the universe revolved and it was not so long ago, when scholars said the limits of computing had been reached. The Genocide of the American Indian, the Aborigines of Australia and the White rules in Southern Africa, were all justified as Divine Mandate emanating from the Bible. Jews, Hindus, Shinto, no faith is immune from intolerant, extremist, religious scholars who promote and sanctify violence against “the other”.


In Islam too, as in all other faiths, there have been many scholars who insisted that theirs was the only valid point and anyone who disagreed, was not only wrong, but served the devil because he was spreading doubt about Islam. Continue reading

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