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“Fitna” Review and Commentary

(First published on March 31, 2008, updated on April 3, 2010)

I just saw “Fitna“; Goebbels would be envious.

The one highly successful rule being exercised throughout this 16-minute film is: Lie with confidence, lie mightily and with a righteous wrath that will silence all those who do not know better.

It is amazing how like wildfire, a lie can spread when the target is something or someone we want to hate, as much as America and the West seem to want to hate Islam.

Hate, Fear and ignorant minds, are essential ingredients for the exploitation of the “Other/Them” and supremacy of “Us”.

Thus it is today, that so many in the West, have selected Islam and Muslims as their target du jour and are taking constant, extraordinary measures, to create a vicious image of Islam, Muslims and Arabs.

In “Fitna“, Geert Wilders does a superb job of throwing fiction on the screen as the Quran is supposedly recited in the background Continue reading

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