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Charitable giving this Ramadan

As Muslims, we have to be thinking of where to give our money throughout the year, but especially when we must.
Should we give to one organization or, should we divide it among a few…or many?
While giving to one organization may focus more money towards your favorite charity, there are many others who also deserve some money and even small amounts help a lot. It can make them feel their work is appreciated and although your donation may seem like a drop in the ocean, the sages say, “surely even the drop increases the ocean”.
Muslims support the Masjid they frequent and for the most part, we sit satisfied after giving to them. Some of us also give to periodic calls for emergency aid…calls that are unfortunately, getting less periodic and more frequent…there are victims of hunger, war, floods, earthquakes, diseases…the causes are as endless as is the suffering.
“Compassion fatigue”, some say, as if to excuse further giving. Sadly, “Compassion fatigue” is for the fortunate one who are not in need of immediate compassion.
“Compassion fatigue” is an abdication from Life, some of us feel as if we can just throw up our arms and ask the skies, “Just how long am I supposed to continue giving?!” The answer, although we do not hear it, is, “As long as you are alive”.
Not only must we give as long as we have money, we must continue to give even when we do not have the money…can we get some money for a worthy cause from someone else? Can we DO something for the cause? Can we SAY something in support of the cause?
ALL of this, counts as charity.
Then there are causes that we would prefer not to know about and if they are brought to our attention, we want to deny it is happening…at least among OUR people! Continue reading

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