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Shutting down California campuses: Condemnation of Israel IS “Anti-Semitism”!

The Grand Reduct:

Screw Muslims and A-rabs and everyone else, let’s protect Jews and Israel!

That’s what the state of California is saying as they get organized to pass a resolution that will turn all school and college campuses into pro-Israel platforms where any speech criticizing Israel will be met with strict disciplinary action…how strict? Eleven Muslim students have been kicked out of UCLA for daring to call the speaking Israeli Ambassador, a liar AND they have been criminally charged for “disrupting” his speech.

It appears that the “Jewish Lobby” (which of course, does not exist!) is effecting a resolution of the California State Assembly that specifically targets anyone who should dare to criticize the state of Israel or its policies, as “Anti-Semitic”.

This action would be bad enough if it were limiting expressions against any minority, but it is specifically protecting Israel and Jews, which of course, leaves the field wide open for “experts” such as Daniel Pipes, Shoebat, Hirsi Ali, Emerson and all other Islamophobes have a clear field to whip up more and more anti-Islam, anti-Muslim fears among the youngest and most impressionable population of California; its students. Continue reading

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