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“Muzlems” again!

“Muzlems” again!


These are the thoughts running through most minds in America, Muslims included. Yes, we Muslims were praying for the perpetrators to not be Muslim, but deep in our hearts, we had a suspicion that the chances of the perpetrators being Muslim were pretty high. Most of us are worrying about reactions from non-Muslim Americans who range from impressionable (by bigots), neutral folks to those who want us all out of our country, to those who would rather just pick up their guns and “get rid” of us…thanks to self-promoting fear-mongering bigots like Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, Stephen Emerson, Pamela Geller, Bridgette Gabriel and scores of others.


The two Muslim boys/men are from Kyrgyzstan, originally part of Chechens who had been mass-deported there from Chechnya by Stalin.  They had grown up in the US and were quite the normal kids, good students with friends.  So, what happened?  Obviously, we will not find out unless the younger brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev  (probably derived from ‘Jauhar’…Jewel) is captured alive and decides to talk, but I can speculate.


The following is a generalization and does NOT cover all Muslims or, ALL non-Muslim Americans, but part of the reason is that Continue reading

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Explosions in Boston & America Bows to Bigotry….Again!

Well, that didn’t take long, did it?
Some individual or group detonated two bombs at the end of the Boston Marathon on the 15th of April, killing three and injuring over 175 people. I will give Obama some credit for trying very hard to keep people from looking at the usual suspect…us Muslims, but how do you keep an entire nation away from the thought that the people they have been told are the very worst examples of humanity…us Muslims…are NOT the perpetrators?
America is on the verge of going on yet another binge of targeting Muslims…as citizens and as institutions and it has already started. Continue reading

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