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Burning the Quran

Okay tell me, who had heard of the Dove World Outreach Center ( before their leader Terry Jones decided to burn copies of the Quran on September 11, 2010?
That’s right, not a handful of people outside of his two-mile radius.
Terry Jones…Doctor Terry Jones, who spouts Robert Spencer’s language when describing Muslims and Islam, decided to burn copies of the Quran and suddenly he was propelled into great fame across the ranks of Muzlem-fearing Americans and into Europe. Here’s the best standard for the right to freedom of expression! let us ALL burn the Quran just to show how much we love our great “freedoms”…freedoms to bash Muslims and Islam, that is; similar “freedom” is hardly ever exercised against the more powerful minorities like Jews or Blacks. Continue reading

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Muslim Center in New York

Antipathy towards Muslims and Islam has been around in America since before I came to this country in 1974, but back then, it was considered rude to state such negative sentiments in public.

This all changed on September 11, 2001 when a group of people decided to fly commercial airplanes into the Twin towers, resulting in fires which brought the buildings down, killing almost 3000 people in the buildings. The perpetrators were identified as Muslim and overnight, it became an act of patriotism and righteousness, to bash Islam and Muslims. Continue reading

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My Trip to Pakistan

Finally, after a gap of seven years, I made plans to go to Pakistan! I had long decided to not even think of going to Pakistan unless I could go for at least 4-6 weeks, but an opportunity presented itself that permitted that allowed me to go for only 16 days; it did not take long for me to decide that even though it was the peak of Summer and the time was extremely brief (for me), I would still go. With temperatures ranging from 40-44C (112-120F), I was assured by my family that I would die there; my response was that as long as I had one mango in each hand and one in my mouth, I would die happy. Continue reading

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Ramadan and fasting

Ramadan starts on August 11, 2010, it is the ninth month of the Muslim year 1431 AH (After Hijri). Ramadan is the holiest month of the year and is the month during which the Quran was first revealed to the Prophet Mohammed. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim Lunar calendar, it is observed with great ceremony. Muslims may not eat or drink from dawn to dusk every day of this month, but there are exemptions.

Under-age children, the infirm elderly and the ill, are exempt from the requirements of fasting while those who are traveling or are menstruating women, may make up afterwards.

Fasting during the month of Ramadan are not merely the acts of going hungry and thirsty; hunger helps to develop an empathy with the person who may be hungry because s-he has no choice. While Muslims must abstain from eating and drinking between dawn and Dusk, it does not give them permission to binge either before or after fasting in order to better survive the ordeals of the day. Islam insists that everything be done in moderation thus; one may eat only until there is still some room in the stomach. Continue reading

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Supreme Court: Torture is Fine

The “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” is fast spiraling down where it is less brave and even less free each day…and each day, the chapters of our history become darker and darker.
I used to believe that Obama would be like a breath of fresh air and he would start to process towards a freer society, instead of the deep hole where we had been consigned to; a place where terrorism by the US was okay, where persecution of a specific class of people (Muslims) was not only okay, it was the primary goal. Continue reading

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An Islamic center and Ground Zero

As plans move forward to building an Islamic center and Mosque near ground Zero in New York, the anti-Muslim and anti-Islam bigots are gathering support and steam. Some opponents tall us that the thirteen story building will house all sorts of “secrets” to help destroy the US, some tell us if a cultural cent-Mosque is permitted so close to Ground Zero, it will be seen as a victory for the extremists. Others do away with such seemingly “rational” excuses and focus on their hate towards Islam; “It will advance Sharia!” they tell us, while not understanding that Sharia has nothing at all, to do with the version poured into us by the media.

The most persuasive arguments are those that hide behind the  real or imaginary sensitivities of the relatives and survivors of the 9-11 tragedy. Continue reading

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Promoting anti-Muslim stories

 Some time ago, someone sent me the story of a Muslim bus driver in Britain, who stopped his bus and ordered his passengers to get off the bus so he could pray. 

This story was authoritatively reported by “The Sun”, a British newspaper famous for its Page Three Nudes and super-sensationalized “news”. Someone took a cell video of a bus driver praying in an empty bus and sent it to The Sun which never did a fact-check and blared it out to its readers (didn’t know it had any, I always thought people bought the paper for Page Three). The Sun also published the video on its website and encouraged people to check it out.
That story, like MOST Islamophobic stories (if not all) was a hoax. Continue reading

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Can a Muslim be a good American?

(first published April 5, 2007)


Who in his right mind, would even pose such a question? Continue reading

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Virgins In Paradise

(First published January 1, 2009) “Suicide-bombers blow themselves up because they are promised 72 virgins in Heaven”…Oh, how I loathe this statement!

Critics of Islam like to describe “virgins in Paradise” (“Houris”) as base, sex-objects and motivation for Muslim suicide-bombers, because it helps promote hate and fear towards Islam and Muslims; the tactic works because of the negative connotations for sex in the ‘Christian’ part of the “Judeo-Christian Civilization”. Continue reading

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