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America, a mockery of Democracy?

Your should take a few minutes to read the article, “Eleven Years On: Being Imprisoned at Guantanamo Worse Than Being Confined by Totalitarian State” at the end.
Some of you will experience a knee-jerk, protective reaction in favor of what the US is doing. There may even be some invitations aimed at me, to “Go back where I came from” if I don’t like it here. I AM here and this is my country as much as it is yours and even our collective “ownership” of this land is open to debate unless you happen to be a native, First-Nation person who has miraculously, survived the series of genocides perpetrated upon your peoples.
This country was created with proclamations of greatness which it failed to reach, even at its birth. The people who followed, continued to struggle (“Jihad“) to make this a better and better nation, with the rule of law, with equal protections and with the freedoms that follow as a result. In spite of its achievements towards human dignity, this country often had to be dragged to its greater heights, kicking and screaming, but it got there and the people were happier for it.
Today, it appears that we have taken several steps backwards. We have started to re-interpret our much-cherished Gold Standards of human dignity and human equality…the very foundation of our constitution, as being applicable only to select elites; the citizens of this country. Continue reading

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US Democracy and Muslims

I believe that a poorly-running democracy is still better than the alternative. Of course, we should not be fooled into believing a certain system is a democracy just because some people say so and others choose to repeat the mantra.
Israel for example, is an excellent democracy…for Jews, but its Arab citizens are S.O.L., which is very similar to South Africa which also had an excellent democracy…for its Whites.
A democracy derives it power from the people and therefore, must serve the needs of its people…ALL its people.

Of course, the lynchpin of a democracy is its people; if the people are not vigilant and if the people do not participate, then the democracy becomes a government for special interests which get narrower and narrower until the people are forgotten.
Britain is a monarchy, but works very well as a democracy…much better than the US.
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