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Detained…for being “Muzlem”!

 Good old Nevada! They don’t call it the sin capital of the US for nothing!

People can be fondling each other in public and that doesn’t even get them a sideways look.

People can be dancing almost naked in the street and its, “ho, hum!”.

People can be soliciting for prostitution with pictures of naked women and it doesn’t even slow down the passer-by.

…but some MUZLEMS…prayin’??!!

Holy smokes!!! Call out the national guard! them Trrrrrrsts are on the move…git yr gunz! watch out, AMERICA (by God!) IS ABOUT TO BE DESTROYED…IS ANYONE LISTENIN’!!!!Continue reading

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ADL Scraping the Bottom of the Hate-Gutter…Again!

Every time elections come around, politicians become REAL PATRIOTS (by God!) and talk about how terrifying the world is (“Did you notice how them Muzlems are out to kill us all?”) and then present themselves are the best hope for survival of our “Judeo-Christian values” (“Vote for MEEEEEE!”).
Fear is a great driving factor when one is trying to rally the people into action…and bigotry is the easiest avenue to wake the nation; ask Der Fuhrer, Milosevic, Habyarimana…Joe McCarthy, they will tell you success depends on how one uses propaganda against a minority, to achieve personal glory.
Speaking of Der Fuhrer, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) seems to have learnt the lessons of hysteria and propaganda against a minority, from the past misfortunes of their own collective group, the Jews. Continue reading

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ADL: Plumbing new depths in bigotry

On January 11, the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith issued a press-release (see below) accusing American Muslims of being anti-Semitic, anti-American and untrustworthy supporters of “terrorism”. In the Press Release dripping with venom, the ADL wordsmiths very cleverly lay accusations as thickly as they could, to ensure that the American (Christian and Jew) reader would emerge shaking with fear and hate for Arabs and Muslims.   Continue reading

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