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Taxes in Washington State; Ethnic Cleansing or Gentrification?

Oh, happy day! Real estate property prices are stratospheric. Much money is being made by investors, real estate brokers and the mortgage industry. Cities and states are flush with the taxes from increased sales and increased values, how can we not be happy? 

Amid the shouts of joy and the popping of champagne corks, the moans of the people at the other end of this celebration go unheard, their tears, unnoticed. These are the people who bought their modest homes decades ago with the intention of living out their lives in their homes. That was not to be, because they are now forced to sell their homes and move to distant homes while their homes make way for mansions. 

Several years ago, I was a real estate broker helping a client sell their home in a Seattle’s predominantly Black district. I was standing outside when I met an older Black gentleman and we chatted for a brief while. He told me he lived “down the hill”, he bought his home decades ago for just a few hundred dollars. Now, he continued, he does not know what to do because his property taxes are more than the money he makes. “I have to think about moving South but even there, the prices are high, where do I go?” 

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Does Anyone Owe Black Americans?

A friend forwarded me a video (The Dan Rongino show) from Tik Tok. It was Mark Robinson, Republican Lt. Gov. of North Carolina, he was making the point that Black people’s call for reparations is false; That today’s Black people owe their ancestors for getting them to this place (“Nobody owes you anything, in fact YOU owe THEM!”).

My friend forwarded it with this message, “Made me want to get up NOW and do some more for this country and my family!! GREAT Speech!!! AND color hasn’t got a damn thing to do about it!! This is character, balls and a true love of country!!!”.

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