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Dangers to Society…Who? Why?

Muslims, of course, who else could be a threat to society?
“Civilized society”, of course! such as France, Germany and the US. We love to assign fault and responsibility so this article will do the same.

I suppose Muslims are “identified” as dangerous “Islamists” because we (yes, I include myself as a Muslim) can be differentiated by name, by our faith and often, by our ethnicities. Being able to identify a group is the simplistic approach many societies take, in order to negatively sort people out. Thus, Blacks in America are the most persecuted. After 9-11, MUSLIMS were the target du jour in the US. Muslims could be fairly sure they may have their bank accounts shut down, they could lose their government jobs or, be persecuted into leaving. They could also be sent to another country (“Extraordinary Rendition”) to be tortured under the guidance of the FBI. Muslims could be taken to a “Black Site“, a super-secret US military site overseas for torture or “disposal” and of course, they could be kept in jails (“Detained”) for days, weeks or even years, without charges or trials, only to be let go as “no longer a threat” by which time, their lives were destroyed. Muslims are still targeted by the FBI and many Police departments but we don’t hear of torture..not yet anyway.

Since 2001, White supremacists have gained ground in the US. These private, civilian militias, are armed with automatic weapons and even 50-mm cannon (hard to call them “guns” at that caliber). They train to fight, they move around the country, openly displaying their weapons and they challenge an unresponsive authority everywhere. They are seen “defending” borders against the (as Trump termed it) “Rapists and Murderers” from the Southern border and they are there when Muslims are being intimidated. As time went on, they have become bolder and more aggressive…with the support of the government and even Police departments. Many states that tried to shut down unhealthy operations due to COVID-19 had their captols surrounded by armed White Supremacists determined to defend their “Freedom”. In Michigan, militias moved into the legislative buildings, denying access to lawmakers and staff. More recently, waving their guns, they even tried to run a Biden campaign bus off the road.
The Governors and Police did nothing to stop them; FBI is not allowed to monitor White Supremacists.

None of these White Supremacist groups are deemed a public threat. It is hard to ignore the fact that these White Supremacist militias consist of White Christians who look “just like us” in this country.
Now, if these were MUSLIM Supremacist militias! Well then we would have to take serious action! We simply cannot allow a (Muslim) group to attack “our way of life”, threaten “our constitution”, impose their (“Shariah”) law over us and destroy our democracy.
Which is exactly what the White Supremacists are doing.

Looking for TRRRSTS

Recently, there have been attacks on the public in France, Austria and Britain, people have been brutally killed. It turns out that the murderers were Muslims who felt the need to attack non-Muslims. In response, French President Macron strode forward and claiming defense of France itself, declared a de facto war on French Muslims, their institutions and Islam in France itself.
That these people attack others in the name of Islam is a nauseating insult to Islam, anybody who wants to find out, would know that. But it is far easier to stamp all Muslims and all of Islam, as “the enemy”; the entire body of Muslims is attacked. In France, Muslims are told that they must abandon their religious traditions or they will be fined, lose their jobs or, even go to jail. In many European countries, it is now seen as a mark of civilization and patriotism, to attack Islam and Muslims. The same country that has severe punishments for even questioning the Holocaust or for desecrating its Flag, smiles in encouragement when Islam is attacked, as “Freedom of Speech”; Charlie Hebdo is defended when it publishes insulting images of the prophet Mohammed, but Muslim institutions in France are forced to disband because they are suspected of promoting hate.

Freedom of APPROVED Speech

True, these murderers have been brainwashed into their twisted way of thinking by power-hungry, ignorant, (“religious scholars”) leaders however, that is something that can be controlled, but not by collectively smearing all Muslims. Why not look at the root causes and address them first?

What are religious institutions (not just Islamic) teaching? If they are teaching hate or intolerance of another faith, then fine them or shut them down. Even-handed Justice is respected everywhere. Business dealings with other countries can be conditioned on their promotion of tolerance between groups, of course, this could mean losing a lot of business. Just to name a few countries practicing active hate and promoting sectarian violence: Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Israel, Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Myanmar, China…and the list hasn’t even begun! Arabia has even mistranslated the Quran such that it appears to demand violence as the answer to any insult to Islam. It sends out millions of copies a year, of this mal-translation to sincere, ignorant, Muslims all over the world.
No, clearly, when it comes down to a choice between money and bigotry, money must win!

Internally, countries like France must embrace their Muslim minorities who are feeling stateless right now. It is not enough to insist “we are all France!”, Muslims in France and other Western countries must see evidence that their country regards them as equal citizens. Start by promoting hiring of Muslims in the private sectors, insist on Muslims being hired in government jobs and stop looking for ways to discriminate against them. Right now, when a misguided Muslim attacks some non-Muslim person, he sees himself as attacking a foreign country, this would not be the case if he felt as if the country loves him as much as they insist, he should love them.

Germany maintains a list of hundreds of Muslims they regards as “Gefährder” (“Endangerers”), and there are active discussions on how to deport them to countries like Syria. Interestingly, no politician talks about deporting White, Christian Germans, who are also inclined to violence; Islam is obviously, a free target.

German Cultural identity

Most important of all, look for the violent individuals, stop targeting an entire group.

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