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Organizations’ Support for French Islamophobia…Boycott France

Under the guise of “fighting RADICAL ISLAM”, France is taking exceptionally harsh measures against Muslims in France. It has ordered some Muslim rights organizations to disband because of “suspicious connections to radicalism” and now it is telling Muslim schools to effectively shut down. France is also mandating oaths of allegiance from Muslim organizations, among many other harsh and rather stupid decisions.

Now Jewish organizations in France are applauding and supporting France in its anti-Muslim actions (a FEW on the “far left” are opposing these measures).

This is not limited to Jewish organizations in France. I have personally witnessed rabid, anti-Muslim, anti-Islamic, promotions by American Jewish organizations such as the ADL, the AJC and the Seattle Holocaust Center, often comparing Islam to Nazism and Muslims to Nazis. Even the venerated Southern Poverty Law Center is not above supporting Islamophobia now and the. Sadly, they are joined by many Jewish Synagogues who regularly keep the fear of Islam and Muslims, alive among their congregations. Jewish organizations and their Jewish members need to understand that the path to supporting and defending Israel does not run over the existence of Muslims. In their misguided haste to protect Israel, they are needlessly creating enemies across Muslim world by their attacks on Arabs and Muslims.

To France. The move to boycott France because of their support for the right to publish anti-Islamic cartoons, is misplaced, even the prophet Mohammed allowed people to insult him. When he went to Taif to seek support against the pagans of Mecca, he was scorned, and stoned. Eventually, making his escape to an orchard the prophet prayed to God, “Lord, do not punish them, because they do not know I am your Prophet.”. It would be against the true practices of the prophet Mohammed, to commit violence in response to a perceived insult.

However…France seems to have declared an irrational, unjust, war on Islam and Muslims in France. France is using a veneer of civilization to convert an long-standing hostility against Muslims, into a national effort the focuses attention of the bureaucracy as well as citizens, against anything French. So much so that one mayor was heard condemning a specialty groceries shop as not being French because it was promoting non-French goods (he later apologized).

Given that France is whipping such an anti-Muslim hysteria, it is entirely reasonable for Muslims across the world, to boycott French goods. It may not add up to much, but the principle of fairness and justice demands such a boycott action.

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