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Oh Pakistan…!

Oh Pakistan!

Oh Pakistan, how many times must you make us cry? How many times must you break our hearts?

You are so full of contradictions that we don’t know which way to turn.

People have no jobs, they have nowhere to get food for their families. Government-run  hospitals are inadequately stocked, insufficient staff and not to be seen in deep country.
Education is unavailable except to the rich. Government schools are poorly-run, many teachers are collecting salaries from two or more, different schools while none of the schools even have any students.
Fanatic mullahs are allowed free reins to run the public in any way they may so they teach things that do not exist in Islam. They promote hate and violence saying God wants His followers to kill the infidel; “Infidel” being anyone who does not belong to the mullahs own sectarian club. Yesterday, the “enemy”, the “Kuffar” (infidels) was the Christians, the Hindus or the Jews while today, the list of “infidels” has expanded closer to home to include; the Shia, the Sufis, the Ahmediyya.

In the Quran, God has banned his people from calling each other godless (“Infidels”) but the religious, fanatical, leaders of today, seem to have received a new memo from God saying He delegates His authority to them. The fanatical leaders have whipped the ignorant, illiterate minds of the multitudes to violence against all. Hindus have been effectively wiped out from Pakistan, the few remaining stay under cover as much as possible but even then, their families are subjected to unspeakable violence. Christians have been oppressed beyond measure, upper-echelon jobs are not available to them and they are constantly under pressure to “convert”. If a “Muslim” desires their property of job or, has some vendetta against a Christian, all s-he has to say is that the Christian cursed the name of God, the prophet or Islam and the Christian is lucky to escape alive from the frenzied mobs. Judges proclaim them guilty, fearing for their lives if they don’t. Ahmediyya are not permitted to pray in the manner os Muslims, they cannot make the traditional call to prayer, they may not invoke the name of Islam or, even call their places of worship, “Mosques”.

Justice has abdicated in favor of fanaticism in Pakistan.

The Shia are particularly targeted in Pakistan. The Suni fanatics refer to the Shia as “Kuffar” or, infidels and as such, subject to summary execution because some fanatical leader informed them that such is God’s command. Shia groups have been bombed, mass-executed, tortured and violently attacked in Pakistan. Recently, there have been huge demonstrations in Karachi against the Shia where mobs have marched, chanting, “Kafir, Kafir, Shia Kafir” (“Infidels, infidels, Shia Infidels!”). The Police stood by, doing nothing to stop the mobs or, to even consider taking the Mob-leaders into custody after the demonstration. This is because the political leaders and the military leaders are too busy stealing the money from Pakistan, to worry about what is happening to Pakistan.

A nation that has produced nuclear bombs, now manufactures warships, fighter aircraft, missiles, tanks and other military materiel, does nto have to capacity to deliver drinkable water to ANY of its towns or cities, cannot deliver electricity that is not interrupted for hours each day, cannot provide proper medical care or education. The money is being siphoned off by civil and military leaders and stashed away in the safety of Western countries who do nothing to control this blatant perversion.

About the only thing Pakistan leads the sub-continent in is population. In 1972, when Pakistan broke up, West Pakistan (now Pakistan) had a population of 58 million while East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) was at 65 million. Today, Pakistan has quadrupled to 216 million while Bangladesh has gone to163 million, a hair over double. Religious leaders are opposed to birth control measures or education, they want more births per family. What happens to those newly-born as they grow up (or die in the process) is God’s problem. Now it is the nation’s problem, a nation top-heavy with young people and drowning in joblessness.

Religious fanatics have led the people to believe diseaes are a Western plot to harm Pakistan. Pakistan is therefore, one of only three countries with Afghanistan and Nigeria to still have Polio spreading within its borders.

There are no more tears left to shed, the pieces of the many times broken hearts of the people who love Pakistan are scattered in its dust where not even the jackals dare to venture.
Oh Pakistan, what happened to you?

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