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Biden AND Harris?? Should I vote?

Bottom-line; I will be voting for the Democratic team.


But oh, the Sanders-Warren team would have been dynamite and exactly what this country needs to get out of the selfish rut that we are stuck in. Biden is not expected to make any significant changes in crucial areas such as reductions in Defense expenditures. Other issues such as environmental protections, gun controls, introductions of universal healthcare, free education through Bachelor’s programs, food support, shelter support and living support that all European countries have had since after WWII. Biden’s paymasters will not permit that.

The most we can hope for, from Biden, would be a roll-back of the destructive changes made by the Republicans under Trump which alone, would be a major accomplishment.



She is a politician and she is an accomplished trial lawyer, she knows how to tune her song to appeal to her audiences. She ran for California Attorney-General’s office and said that Police must be held accountable for criminal matters. Then she became the California Attorney-General and she started to take a close look at Police activities. Police Union got mad and started attacking her and Kamala Harris folded. In a couple of cases when Police killed Black civilians in clearly egregious circumstances, she refused to prosecute, saying they were not matter for the A-G to handle but must be handled at the local levels. Nothing happened.

Harris is South Asian when she is looking for Indian support and she is Black when she is looking for Black support but the sad fact is that Harris stands for whatever her financial base stands for.

Both Biden and Harris will be totally committed to Israel so much so that shouldIsrael  bomb an entire Palestinian city to the ground, B&H will express “regret” but will blame the Palestinians for “terrorism” and say, “Israel has the right to defend itself”.

In South Asia, Biden-Karris will be solidly on the side of India against Pakistan except for moments when they feel Pakistan needs some strokes in order to help with the destruction of Afghanistan. Modi’s genocidal activities against Muslims in India will hardly attract a statement and Kashmir will be a non-issue.

Myanmar’s genocide on the Muslims? non-issue. China’s genocide against Muslim Uighurs? an issue only when the US is against China, otherwise, non-issue.


Quite a condemnation, why support their election?

Because the alternative would be further rule by Republicans and Trump, either or both, are deadly to the flourishing of this nation. Republicans will destroy every fiber of this country that does not directly support their Big Money base. True, Democrats are also persuaded by their money bases but not so far that they would allow the destruction of this country as we have seen during the past 3.5 years with Trump leading the Republicans.


The difference between the Republicans and the Democrats has become so deep and so wide that we no longer have the choice of even arguing as to who is better, the case is absolute and clear, that if we want a better country and if we want our children to grow up in a country that is just and equitable (more or less), then we have to elect Democrats.


I have had people call and say they are not even inclined to vote and I tell them that is not a choice. We MUST vote and we must vote against the Republicans at every level. If we fail to vote that it means the Republican candidate gets one less vote against him/her and the Democratic candidate gets one less vote in their favor; even a failure to vote is a statement of support for Trump and the Republicans.


WEHAVE TO VOTE! Call it a vote for Biden-Harris or call it a vote against Trump and Republicans, bur unless we wish to see our country sink deeper into the gutter we MUST vote.


The Republicans have been working hard to make it very difficult for people to vote, especially in areas where they believe the majority may be liberal. They have closed down polling stations in poorer districts and districts of color so in order to vote, a person has to go far. They have been actively removing mail collection boxes and have been dismantling mail-sorting machinery; everything designed to make it harder to vote and to delay mail so it does not get to the counting stations in time.
That is why we must vote early and that is why we must vote.

Voting today, is no longer an emotional issue, it is a survival issue for us, for our children and for their children. Do not allow Republicans to win at any level at all and for the sake of all that you cherish, VOTE!

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