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Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Low, How?

Sadly, the FBI’s published list of hate incidents only proves what Muslims have known for years; that law enforcement doesn’t see a problem with anti-Muslim incidents..

I see that in 2018:
  1. Anti-Arab incidents were only 82
  2. Anti-Muslim were 188 (item #1 probably included in item #2) … but …
  3. Anti-Jewish incidents were 835
This COULD mean there are more people hating Jews than there are people hating Muslims, it could also more likely, mean that offences against Jews are taken much more seriously than offences against Muslims. I am inclined to believe the latter because I have personally seen incidents that the local Police did not even dignify as a crime (bomb threat against Lynnwood Mosque?) so the threat was not even investigated and the FBI chief CT agent whom I knew, said it was nothing. The notorious triple-murder of three Muslim students on the East coast was minimized for the longest time, as murder because of a “Parking lot dispute” and only after national outcry, did they start to recognize it as a hate crime. I am not sure if even then, it was recorded as a hate crime. I could write a book listing anti-Muslim hate events just in one year, but this is only a brief article. I also know that Muslims have faced hate incidents but avoided reporting them because they did not wish to get the Police involved for fear the victim could get into trouble as it happened in one egregious case in Tacoma. Muslims in America live in dangerous times when our supposed protectors are our persecutors. Time and again, the Police has been found to be more interested in targeting Muslims than in treating us as equal Americans. Even respected media outlets use language that biases people against Muslims.

In reporting the hate statistics the FBI says, “The data reported in the UCR specific to hate crime relies on individual agencies (local, state, federal) to identify and report criminal incidents as a hate crime.  The FBI does not other independently verify the accuracy or completeness of reporting.” The fact that the FBI pretends to respect “jurisdictional lines” is to me, nothing short of evading responsibility. We know that the FBI is above state and local jurisdictions and moves as it wishes, when it wants to. I am sure FBI agents can read newspapers and are able to listen to local news. Thus, they can at least, make decisions on what events to put into their hate crimes list and what events to pass on even if they decide not to get involved. For the FBI, remaining observant is difficult to do when they too, are biased and busy targeting and entrapping Muslims.
So now some minorities such as Muslims and Arabs, who are out of favor, must depend on a Police that is already predisposed against us. If the local Police decides…should I say perhaps, if the local Police officer decides to make an issue of a crime, then the crime gets listed as a hate crime. I am willing to lay bets that the threshold of what constitutes as an anti-Jewish hate crime, is pretty low as compared to the high bar against Muslims.
On the other hand, most of the Muslim and Arab leaderships in the US are so desperate to prove they are “peaceful citizens” or, are so afraid of authorities, that they don’t dare stand up and demand that their constituencies are protected instead of being persecuted. This is what must change first, before we can realistically expect law-enforcement agencies and politicians, to change their prejudicial notions against Islam and Muslims.

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