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Can Deadly Have Humor?

As many know by now, a Christian Church bought an ad that was published by The Tennessean newspaper. The Ad said in part, “…on July 18, 2020, Islam is going to detonate a nuclear device in Nashville, Tennessee…

“Islam to Nuke Nashville”

I saw the ad and groaned, as did probably all Muslims in this country who became aware of it, “One more hit at us Muslims” I thought, “Now even more redneck, Trumpist, Jackasses will be hunting for ‘MUZLEM’ scalps”. We Muslims (“Islam” as they refer to us) have had many acts of bigotry aimed at us by Christians and Jews and their institutions in this country and in the rest of the “civilized” West, but none have ever matched their bigotry by such complete stupidity. Or, was it really stupidity? Perhaps this and other flights of fantasy against Muslims are part of a deliberate calculation to inflame minds and create more fiery environments for Muslims here and overseas. I believe this latter to be more accurate.

Many non-Muslims seeing this ad, felt it was funny because it was so idiotic. It was in this vein that I received an email from a non-Muslim friend who lives in Richmond, Virginia. Our exchange below, shows how we Muslims sometimes deal with attacks against us that have over time, almost completely benumbed our senses. Just to be clear, hysterical Islamophobia is not limited to extremists, it flows through every level in this country, from the President (Obama was no exception), to both parties of Congress, state and local politicians, FBI, Police, Military and many civilians who may be decent, upstanding people, but have had their sub-conscious attitudes molded by the bigotry around them. My Black friends will understand what I mean.

Friend: As you know, per the full page ad in The Tennessean, Islamic forces will soon detonate a nuclear device in Nashville. Can you please let me know when this will happen and how close I can safely be to watch it? And will it harm or delay the Grand Ol Opry? Then can you encourage the same for where I live?

Me:  Dear Friend, Thank you for your inquiries and request, all have been noted.

It is not our policy to destroy Western music institutions as we believe they can be more destructive to the Americans than a few nukes. We have planned therefore, to detonate our devices such that they avoid the GOO.
Time is unimportant to us, our plans are to blow the cities to the Devil in about a few days to a few weeks, you will know when you see a blinding flash (do NOT look at it) and hear a thunderous sound. However, well before all that, you will probably be melted down and vaporized, all in an instant so don’t concern yourself too much.

Yes, your entire town is on our schedule for destruction as well.

Please note, we WILL avoid all Republican sites because they are even more destructive to America than Western Music or our nukes put together.

Our investigation as to how our plans were leaked and published are on-going. If you are still around, we will let you know what the results are.

Stay safe from COVID 19.

Yours sincerely,

The P-R Team for ISIS

Friend: Dear PR Team for Isis, Thank you for the update and details. However, as much as I agree that Repugnant areas are self-destructive, couldn’t you just wipe out one such area, say Idaho, to provide a moment of joy for any survivors with an ounce of decency?

Me: Sorry, firstly, we do not listen to requests from potential targets and secondly, the Pope agrees we should start with Nashville.

To be fair, the Tennessean published the extremely inflammatory ad but when the managers realized such and ad had been accepted and published in their paper, they took decisive action, as this interview of one of their senior managers shows. The Tennessean returned the money to the advertising Church, I would not have done so because it doubles the rewards for bigotry. After being given voice in the paper they got a refund which was like a bonus…a FREE ad!

By all means, laugh at the exchange, but then think deeply about the atmosphere we ALL live in.

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