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Pakistan and its Fanatics

What has happened to my Pakistan? I want my Pakistan back from the blood-drenched hands of the fanatic Mullahs who think the length of their beards is a sign of their devotion to God. These fanatical leaders march their idiotic, ignorant followers into the Hell of intolerance, hate, fear and murder, as though “protecting” the name of the prophet Mohammed and “defending” Islam. They fail to understand that their hate-filled, self-aggrandizing actions only lead the world of non-Muslims to fear and hate Islam and Muslims; non-Muslims cannot be faulted for believing Islam is as represented by the idiotic, ignorant and violent people we see in the news all the time.

Intellectuals and dissidents are targeted and accused of blasphemy in order to suppress them or shut them up. Sometimes, people from minority faiths are accused of blasphemy because someone has a vendetta against them, wants their property or their job. Once thus accused, the person has no recourse, if the religious courts don’t get him, the ignorant and fired-up public will.

If hate, violence, murder and fear were the guiding principles of Islam, then Islam would not have survived its first ten years, let alone spread into the second largest faith in the world. Islam spread into Indonesia, the largest Muslim-majority country in the world, it spread into China and Malaysia and NONE of these countries ever had a Muslim force invade them. Islam spread there because people saw how decent, peaceful and honest Muslim traders and visitors were. Muslims in those countries were open about other faiths and sects and did not shout Hellfire at the so-called, “unbelievers”. The first Muslims in Britain were a very open society, they practiced their faith openly and also accepted the celebrations of their Christian neighbors. Many prominent British people converted BECAUSE of the peace and tranquility they found in Islam.

I lived in Pakistan until late 1974 and until that time, things were relatively stable there. People got along well and attended each other’s faith observances without hesitation. Of course, there were some animosities between sects and faiths and occasionally, there was violence but I had never heard of people being lynched, murdered or imprisoned for “blasphemy” (whatever that is!). Christmas was celebrated throughout the country (not in villages), Sunnis attended Shia prayers and observances and vice-versa, Sufi were not marginalized and Ahmediyya were not hounded. There was discrimination against the Hindus but Hindus were still well-accepted, especially in the Sind Province.

Today, the mere mention of Islam or the prophet Mohammed in a way that may offend someone, is cause for action against that person under the regressive, Inquisition-style, laws of the country. In fact, all that is needed is an accusation, proof is unnecessary. Often, someone accused of blasphemy, can be sentenced to prison for years WITHOUT a trial.

All this in an effort to “defend” Islam yet, the entire process (or lack thereof) runs against every instruction in the Quran. Interestingly, there is no punishment for blasphemy in the Quran, the governing document of Islam. In the Quran, God says again and again, that the judgment against wrongdoers and blasphemers and those who reject God (“Unbelievers”) is His and will be determined in the afterlife [See Quran 5:48, 4:80, 6:108, 15:9, 3:20, 88:21-22, 42:48, 10:99, 5:54]. Accusation, evidence and punishment are God’s reserved domain, not ours. The Quran also provides specifics on how courts must be conducted, how accused people may defend themselves, how the evidence MUST be provided and indeed, how someone giving false evidence must be punished (“…scourge them (with) EIGHTY stripes and never (afterward) accept their testimony …”-24:4). Pakistan’s “most devout” fanatics fail to follow the instructions in the Quran, preferring to use their own fantasies as to how God would punish and then saving Him from having to punish.

Pakistan used to be a great country and I was proud of it. Now it has become worse than a bad joke. Leached-out by corrupt military and civilian leaders, rotted-out by a fanatical coterie of Mullahs and self-described “scholars” of Islam, Pakistan is at the very bottom of the international heap of bad countries and that breaks my heart.

I want my country back the way it was designed to have been and the way I last lived it, not this!

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