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Controlling “Anti-Semitism” Accusations

It all began when a friend posted a report that Trump had signed into law, a legislation that allocated $10 million to further Holocaust (Shoah) education in the US. I groaned but kept my silence until someone posted how it was “not a bad thing to teach about the Holocaust”. I objected because there is no monopoly of genocides, to try and distinguish which one is greater or worse than another is repugnant. By all means, spend the money on education about genocides across history, genocides after WWII, genocides today and how to work to stop such things from happening again, but not on the Shoah as if it is the most scared of all memories.

Why fund Shoah education when there are so many other genocides also standing in line, begging for recognition?
Why the Shoah when Rwanda is not even discussed today? Or Cambodia? Or Myanmar or, Bosnia?
Is Vietnam any less of a crime against humanity because “:only” 4.5 million N. Vietnamese were slaughtered by US bullets, bombs and napalm?
How about this so-called, “War on Terror”? The Us has slaughtered directly or indirectly, over three MILLION people from Pakistan to Somalia and Libya.
Go back in history. Is the slaughter of perhaps well over a hundred million natives in the Americas or, the millions of Blacks who died en route to becoming slaves of the Western countries, less in need of attention?

Over the past few days, I have been in a discussion with this person who then said, “questioning the six million number of the victims of the Holocaust (Shoah) is ‘Anti-Semitic’ and ‘Holocaust Denial’, there are no two ways about it”. When I argued with her and said would 5.8 million victims of the Shoah be “Anti-Semitism”? she suggested I was “not an ally of Jews”, that criticizing Israeli Jews as “Bad Jews” is criticizing ALL Jews because  “Jews are Jews, there are no bad Jews or good Jews”.

The Shoah was a horrible, terrible thing that happened while unaffected people stood by in silence and gaped all over the “civilized West”. Rather than work against the Genocide of the Jews, many took advantage of it in silence by working with the new system. In Holland there was a reward of five Guilders for each Jews discovered; much reward was taken. Genocide education is very important so people are taught to stand against such egregious moves by any group of people regardless of their favored status with the bystanders.

That said, the move by so many Jewish groups and influencers to tighten the noose around those who dare to criticize anything Jewish is highly counter-productive. It is ridiculous that ANY questioning of the numbers slaughtered in the Shoah, is not only considered to be sacrilege but also “Anti-Semitic”. It shouldn’t be so even if someone says the holocaust never happened (sure, neither did WWII). People cannot be punished or condemned for challenging the Shoah, painful as that may be for so many descendants of the victims and members of those groups of people.

Sadly, today we are seeing people pushing for LEGISLATIONS against questioning the Shoah, LEGISLATIONS against boycotting Israeli products, LEGISLATIONS against criticizing Israel, LEGISLATIONS against criticizing Jews, LEGISLATIONS against criticizing any Jewish groups…on and on, ad nauseam and if I may coin it, ad stupidum. The very definition of “Anti-Semitism”

has been co-opted and corrupted by Jewish groups bent on “protecting Israel” who have managed to pressure more and more governments into adopting this “definition”.

Such actions are designed to threaten people into silence for thoughts that should be perfectly legitimate and permissible. They are obviously designed to destroy any opposition to Israel and to the genocide Israeli Jews are perpetrating on the Palestinians. They may work in the short term, but in the long run, the hostility towards Israel’s atrocities will transfer to those who stand so solidly and blindly in support of Israel that they cannot see the evil being committed in the name of Jews and Judaism.

Jews of good will must take public and vocal stands against Israel’s atrocities and even call for cutting financial and military support for that state if it continues with its horrors. If not as human beings with human values, then as Jews who love Israel and wish for a peaceful future for the country and its people.

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  1. This is very appropriate in the sense that no genocide should have a monopoly on the narrative of crimes against humanity committed in a large scale. By exclusively funding one particular narrative in perpetuity while ignoring others we are effectively delegitimising human suffering through history and not doing any favours to any peoples, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Cambodians, you name it.


    Comment by Sajjad Hussain | June 7, 2020 | Reply

  2. I agree with you by and large. The Shoah needs to be put into perspective of the 20th century humanity’s love of genocide. (Hopefully it was just a passing phase.) Holocaust education is needed because people forget about it and/or deny it but, as many Holocaust educational centers demonstrate, the Shoah is most effectively taught and remembered when it is linked with other genocides. I can only console you for having engaged with this Jewish woman. She sounds very ideologically committed and didn’t make much sense to this rabbi.

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    Comment by Anson Laytner | June 10, 2020 | Reply

    • Thank you Anson, While I believe genocides must be studied in order to be avoided, the lesson is best learnt in the broader context of past and recent genocides, not an exclusive event, horrible as it was. Otherwise, some people may resent their story being omitted while others may sit in comfort “knowing” the the Shoah was the only bed event and now we are all civilized.


      Comment by penjihad | June 10, 2020 | Reply

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