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Memorial Day; to Cry or to Rage?

As memorial Day ends to day perhaps we should reflect a bit about what it really means. It is generally accepted a s a day dedicated to the fallen soldiers, people visit graves and monuments and observe a moment of silence in respect for the many thousands…hundreds of thousands, of soldiers who have lost their lives in battle over time. For politicians it is a Must, to be seen participating in some ceremony for the dead soldiers.

The driving myth of war is that the soldiers who have already given their lives, should not have died in vain, that we MUST continue to avenge their deaths until victory is ours. Once a war starts, nobody dares to voice the thought that perhaps it may be better to cut, declare victory and run, rather than lose more of our own. No, that is hazardous to political futures.

But that IS the story of war, it an is ill-conceived, greed-generated, juggernaut that once it gets on the move, it develops a momentum of its own and drives on, leaving dead bodies strewn in its wake; theirs and ours.

What might happen if people stopped long enough to actually THINK before mourning the dead? before continuing to war so the thousands who have already died, should not have died in vain? We might see the hands of the politicians whose egos or, whose paymasters, drove our nation to war. We might see not only the 55,000 US soldiers who died in the Vietnam war, but the 4.5 Million Vietnamese who were also killed in the same war by us. We might just see the insanity of a war that was a completely pointless exercise, conducted just so we could say we were fight “The Communists”. We might actually demand an accounting by our politicians who drove us to that war in the first place and those who continued the war after them. Then we might mourn the dead who were fooled into believing they were actually fighting to defend our country from being overrun and destroyed by a tiny ex-colony of France, about 6,800 miles across the ocean from us.



Along with flowers at gravesites, we might even start to see those politicians hanged in effigy at graveyards and future leaders may be more cautious about starting more wars anywhere. British (now Australian) singer Eric Bogle sang a great song about Australia in the Crimean War, it is definitely worth your time to listed

Peace. We cannot make Peace by making War.

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