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Want civil rights in the US? Only if you have money

What do we do when we are cursed with a Congress that cares only for themselves and their own re-election fundraising and not for even the basic civil rights of people in the US?
I wrote to my Representative and to my two Senators, voicing concern about Department of Justice trying to sneak in permission to imprison anyone…without charges or trials…indefinitely.
Remember post-9/11?

I received a response from Senator Cantwell. It was a long letter, TEN paragraphs noting the troubles of various large industries in Washington state and how she is working to spread money among small and large (Boeing, schools, fishing and tribes) businesses.
Not a SINGLE word about the DOJ’s attempt to take away our constitutional rights.
Why should she care? the most probable targets of such DOJ tactics are MUSLIM, just like they were after 9-11 and who really gives a damn about them?
I urge people to contact your House Representatives and Senators…in EVERY STATE and tell them to reject the DOJ’s proposal to take away our constitutional rights. Your 5-10 minutes of time will help make this country better and SAFER than it is.
My response to Senator Cantwells’ response:
1. “Dear Senator Cantwell,

I am in receipt of your lengthy letter (response) sharing what you are doing for Washingtonians during the COVID 19 pandemic.
It appears that your staff is busy sending out canned “responses” without first checking to see if they relate to the constituent concern. I am not even sure you or anyone else will read this one.
MY CONCERN is the DOJ is trying to sneak in Congressional permission for the power to detain ANYBODY, without charges or trial…indefinitely.
My concern is that as a Muslim, I fully expect DOJ to take such permission and go after Muslims and perhaps, other minorities, with a gusto.
My concern is that Congress may sign off on this without thought but “with an abundance of caution”.
MY HOPE was that I would be able to reach someone in your office who might actually take the time to read my message and then convey it to you before sending me reassurance about the price of potatoes in Idaho.
Would someone PLEASE take the time to read this and then craft a response?
Would you PLEASE take a stand for human rights and reject DOJ’s application to imprison us Muslims and others forever?
Thank you,
PLEASE contact your Senator and your Representative and tell them to reject DOJs request to imprison anyone without charges or trial…forever. Click here to contact them.

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