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Human Impact of Coronavirus

We are being led by a heartless idiot followed by a nation of Republicans who are selfish, deliberately ignorant, people and seem to care more about their guns than they do about the pandemic running through the country or, for the people. You cannot shoot your way through Coronavirus.

This country does not even have the capacity to send a couple of hundred test kits to the Life Care Center of Kirkland, where most of Washington State’s deaths have occurred yet here we are, the Trump Administration is bent on CUTTING the budget for the Center for Disease Control.

The Coronavirus pandemic has not even really touched the US so far and already this nation is practically at a halt. People are not flying, they are not going on vacations and gatherings of over 250 people have been banned in WA State (doctors recommend gatherings of no more than 10). In short, money is not being spent. Sure, this hurts the larger companies; airlines, hotels etc., but the unseen, unrecognized majority who are being hurt by this are those who do not make a lot of money.

They are the hourly workers who have no work rights, they can be sent home, not called for work and left to themselves while businesses regroup. In the same group-misery are the small, mom and pop businesses; the small restaurants, small stores etc., When we stop patronizing them, they do suffer and unfortunately, they do have to cut back on employees to survive. Still, the hourly workers and the small businesses have no way of continuing with life without income. There are rents that must be paid, mortgages that must be paid and for the workers, food, medicine and other survival needs all have costs that must be met but there is no safety net in this country.

In Europe, people are getting welfare payments to help them survive their lack of income but here in the US, this would be seen as “COMMUNISM!”; free money being given to the lazy. In Italy, mortgage and loan payments have been suspended but here, we would see this as interference in Free Enterprise. So what does our idiot Commander-in-Chief do? He proposes that all payroll taxes be cancelled for this year. This does add some money to the employers and it adds a LOT of money to the very large corporations but this has almost no impact on the hourly people who may have been laid off or, be forced to work severely reduced hours. Instead of throwing money at the corporations who have no need for it, why not pay out welfare checks to people who are making less than a certain, livable wage? Why not reduce the processing time for applications to a few days instead of over a month? Why not cut the pre-application wait time to zero instead of the 60-90 days? Sadly, we seem to reserve the expletive (in this country) of “Socialism” and “Communism” for times when the people are in need, but we have no hesitation in throwing tens of TRILLIONS of dollars at corporations and on our bloodthirsty enterprise of destroying the world.

Occasionally, we get prospective leaders who actually do care more for the people than for corporate enrichment like Bernie Sanders and (in Seattle) Kshama Savant. These people get attacked for being “Communists!” and for many, these attacks succeed but a tiny number have started winning. Like the first heartbeat of a fetus, maybe this country will evolve into a human being too

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  1. Jeff ,

    Happy to see you are up and fighting.
    Good observation, not all I agree with but the fact that our governor does not feel important that nursing homes and thier employees should be quarantined if not tested in mind boggling .
    The orange head is not incompetent selfish leader but when our own government is equally incompetent I wonder where I should put my hat


    Comment by Amit Shah | March 12, 2020 | Reply

    • Hang on to it my friend. This ride is not yet over.


      Comment by penjihad | March 12, 2020 | Reply

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