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Will Biden win?

Will Biden Win?


Well, Biden is coming back from the Dead to become a real possibility, he may even overrun Bernie. That would not be my choice.

Biden is winning because of the huge Black voter-turnout who seem to collectively suffer from amnesia. Do Black voters not recall how Biden colluded (yes, colluded!) with the Republicans to make sure there were no witnesses called on behalf of Anita Hill and then he watched in silence as Hill was lynched by the Republicans?

Biden is also unable to admit he made a mistake even when faced with it. He is also unable to apologize for his wrongs. Both issues make him unfit to lead this nation as a Democrat but perhaps as a Republican he would work out.

If Biden wins, it will be because the propaganda machinery has convinced Americans that “Socialism!” is a terrible thing and that only Biden can beat Trump.

If Biden wins and it does look more likely, then Israel will have won the American elections yet again. That means Palestinians are doomed to “The Final Solution” in Israel…made possible by American money and weapons. Biden’s victory will mean the House of Saud will continue its atrocities against Muslims everywhere (Arabia embraced what Israel and India are doing). It means India can continue its atrocities, not only in Kashmir, but across India. Myanmar, China etc., the American ship will not change much in direction.

Biden’s “Muslim outreach coordinator” Amit Jani (not a Muslim) is from a family that is close friends with the genocidal Modi. Jani is a Modi and BJP supporter. He is also a committed Islamophobe.

Keep in mind that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, both serve their corporate, industrial masters…and Israel First of course.

Biden’s win will mean we will have a “moderate” in the White House, who will work with the Republicans such that their philosophy will continue to affect Americans. Biden will probably not nominate anyone who can stand against the five Nazis set up in the Supreme Court by the Republicans.

Bombings of Muslim villages in the name of “fighting terrorism”, will continue, as will drone attacks on Muslim-majority countries and American Death Squads (SEALs, Zero-Two and numerous other murder teams) that kill entire families in search of “suspects”.

Healthcare? Sure, if you have the money. You can keep your own doctor but you may not be able to afford him.

Biden will not be a good choice at all and as usual, I will not vote for anyone; I will be voting AGAINST someone. Yes, I will vote against Trump even when it sticks in my gullet to vote for someone other than Bernie.

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  1. It is not too late! We just have to work harder!


    Comment by teachingislamically | March 5, 2020 | Reply

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