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Criticize the US? GET OUT!!

Well…it appears that the only people who have the RIGHT to live in the US are those who are not “Socialists” or, “Communists”; only the people who “Support the troops and respect the flag”. Plus, “The Four” congresswomen represent “The dark underbelly of America”. These are the words and sentiments of White House Counsellor Kellyanne Conway on (where else?) Fox “News”. Trump said they should “Go back to their own countries”. All four are US citizens, three were born in this country, one was born in Somalia and came here when she was just a child.

I guess the only ones who belong here and whose country this is, are White “Judeo-Christians”. The rest of us citizens are here at White sufferance; to be evicted or persecuted whenever they disapprove of what we say or do.

I don’t believe she or any Trumper actually understands what the Hell “socialism” means except that it means the very rich may not get to avoid their taxes. To them, providing national healthcare, education and general public betterment HAS to be Socialism or Communism. However if the country pays the industries and the rich? Well, that’s not socialism, it is capitalism!

The flag of the United States? To me, it has come to represent oppression, hate and blood-thirsty invasions of other countries so, whenever I see it, that’s what comes to mind. I support the troops but not when they are on a mission of wholesale killing just so America can get a better grip on world resources and yes, when I come across someone who has “served” in Iraq, Afghanistan or another country where the US brought Freedom and Democracy, I have a prejudice; I wonder how many innocent people they have been involved in killing.
People who wish to burn it may certainly do so, it is their right to express themselves as they please, that is part of the constitutional guarantees.

It was only when women demanded the right to vote that this country got better. It was only when Black leaders demanded equal treatment that this country got better. Every time this country changed for the better, it was because some people stood up for what is right in spite of the fact that they were declared enemies of the state by people who were benefitting from the status quo.

The people who criticize this country should be thanked for their love and concern for the US because people who remain silent in the face of evil are NOT patriots, they are the ones who are destroying everything this country professes to stand for. We must remember that ALL evil; Nazism and other forms of genocide, spring from the majority population’s silence.

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  1. Osama was hunted down as the leader of those who brought down the Twin Towers. If such logic from the WH is to be accepted, then, unless Nancy Pelosi is a 100% natural American Indian, she too must also ‘go back to where she came from’ as she is the leader of the four Congress women at the centre of this latest storm!!!


    Comment by Ramu | July 16, 2019 | Reply

    • Nancy Pelosi is not my favorite politician but I find it fascinating how people have glommed on the her “Indian Heritage” and the same people find Trump, his lies and his racism, completely embracable…in the names of Christianity and patriotism of course!


      Comment by penjihad | July 17, 2019 | Reply

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