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Hitler’s Germany, Trump’s Amerika and my Neighborhood

Well, anti-Muslim hate has entered my own neighborhood.

Just yesterday, I was having an energized discussion with a dear friend who asked me about Pete Buttigieg’s Presidential run. I told him every Democratic hopeful (except for Bernie) is running to kiss the Israeli behind in spite of its genocide of Palestinians and to support the country blindly including Buttigieg and for me, that rules him out. We meandered to what is going on in the US and I said it is little different from 1933 Germany and heading towards a full-throated persecution of Muslims. I despaired of ever seeing Muslims come together and vote en bloc because that is the ONLY way we can scare the crap out of politicians; you can either buy Congress in the US or, bury it. My friend took umbrage at my comparisons of the US, Israel and Nazi Germany, he asked me if I had heard of any Muslim being gassed.

That’s one of the biggest problems. As soon as we draw comparisons between Nazi Germany, Israel and the US, people get all hostile, essentially saying how dare I draw an equivalence of the three. There does not NEED to be a carbon copy before we need to take a stand and compare where we or another country is heading. We Muslims don’t need to wait for eventual concentration camps or gas chambers before we may say, “Oh horrors! THIS looks familiar from history!”.

I am told to look at the other important achievements of the politicians instead to being a single-issues person. I AM concerned about other important things! I think things such as universal healthcare, universal and equal schooling all the way through universities, keeping the poor from being homeless and hungry are ALL important. But how important are they to me when I fear for the safety of my children and their future generations?

The Republican Party is fully-committed to persecution of Muslims in America, Republican membership is de facto supporting these goals because they continue to support the party. Democrats are staying silent and paying for the persecution both in the US and in countries abroad so they are no less guilty. Hate against Muslims has now been cultivated into the next generation.
MUSLIMS? well, Muslims are keeping their heads and voices down, Mosques are not promoting robust political engagement but stupidly preaching people to continue to pray and God will come to our help.

In the meantime, Republican Party supporters are getting bolder and bolder. they are burning Mosques, they feel quite free to threaten to kill or bomb Muslims and their institutions and the Police and FBI have no interest because Muslims are the targets, not the attackers. Muslim homes are not safe, nor are Muslims walking about in their daily lives. Our bravest Muslims, the hijab-wearing women are regularly targeted, their hijabs removed, hair pulled and they are kicked and punched and the Police say they cannot do anything for lack of evidence. Just last week a young Muslim woman was attacked and the New York police dropped the case saying there was lack of evidence. Frustrated, the young woman decided to investigate the crime herself; she went to a store across the street and discovered they had security camera videos, she got the particular video and took it to the NY Prosecutor who then said he had never dropped the case but was looking for evidence.

Today my daughter told me she was driving past a Pakistani Muslim’s newly-built, custom house in the neighborhood when she saw “MAKE AMERICA GR8” spray-painted across his wall.


It makes me angry, it frustrates me that those who are being hired and paid to defend ALL residents of this country are ignoring violence against Muslims and perpetrating violence against “Mexicans” (anyone who may be Hispanic). This hate is coming from the highest offices of the White House, Congress and all agencies of this country INCLUDING the military. It has been whipped to such a degree that any angry white man feels it his patriotic duty to bash or kill Muslims…sadly, the Republican-supporting women stand in full support of such activities.

For the first time, I see this train heading towards us as we stand on the rail tracks, unable to organize enough to just step off the tracks. I have been involved in lots of activism to get Muslims together but our inevitable jealousies and sectarianisms keep us divided.

The sky really IS falling but nobody seems to care enough to demand political action from Congress; not Muslims and not non-Muslims either.

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