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Banned by FB; Hate against Jews and Muslims

Well, I was locked out of FB for three days because after the summary beheading of 37 people and further crucifixion of six, I associated the House of Saud and their followers with a certain animal that Muslims and Jews don’t eat but Christians do.

It is interesting that my comments were deemed “Hate-Speech” but people are left free to hurl all kinds of insults at Islam and Muslims.

Lesson learnt; don’t be too specific in things that can be misconstrued.

On the subject of hate; over the past few days we have had one man who drove his car into a group of people he thought, were Muslims. We have also had another person who decided to strike against Amerika’s interests by shooting up a Synagogue.

People talking about the man who drove his car into a group of “Muslims” (he thought), seem to focus on his Christianity as if THAT is the problem. It helps to keep in mind that he is a Vet and has served in Iraq. The military pushes an image of Muslims and Arabs as “The Enemy” to be “destroyed”, the deadliest threat to the US and the West and quite often, it is manifested in Christian-Muslim “battle. The Army Pamphlet below is just one such example.

Dog Shehada..US Army Afghanistan
It should not be surprising when such a Vet finds himself in his own country and decides to make a strike against “The Enemy”.
This is a consequence of the Hate- and Fear-mongering messages promoted by our leaders and the silence of the people because when such an atrocity happens,
They are not us, so why make a fuss?”

The man who shot up the Synagogue? He may well be a White Supremacist but ih is a product of the permissiveness for violence that has its roots in the White House, Congress and the people.

It is easy to condemn these people as “Islamophobic Christians” or, “White Supremacists” but the problem goes FAR deeper than that and the solution rests with us the people. The current atmosphere is such that anyone who spews hate and fear, is admired. Combine that with a DEEP gun-culture to a point where almost every state allows the killing of a person simply based on a perception of a threat and the unabated proliferation of guns and we get people who decide to show their deep roots in…the country, religion, race, culture…anything, by taking to deadly violence.

Hate does not just affect the adults, the children take lessons from the hate-promotion, often the wrong lessons and another generation og hate and violence is created.

Hate is aggressively promoted by more interests than we should be discussing. The Dogs of Hate are rabid creatures and while it is true that releasing them against targets we encourage those people will get slashed but rabid dogs don’t stop there. Sooner rather than later, these dogs of Hate will find us when we are smiling at the attacks on others who are “not us” and then we will surely have our own day of reckoning.

We cannot permit hate of any kind to go unchallenged; not against Jews, not against Muslims, or Blacks, LGBT…not against ANYBODY, ANYWHERE.

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  1. So sorry to hear Facebook suspended you. My strong suspicion is that the Saudi social media mafia targeted you and reported your account. Just as it’s outrageous for social media platforms to accuse a Jew of hate speech because he criticizes another Jew, it’s outrageous for them to accuse you of hate speech for a legitimate criticism of a fellow Muslim. These companies are coddling both Israel and Saudi Arabia. It’s shameful.


    Comment by Richard Silverstein | April 29, 2019 | Reply

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