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Sri Lanka Bombings

Sri Lanka Bombings.

Almost 300 people killed in Sri Lanka and the government there says it was the work of s fringe Muslim group. Yes, the government might be wrong but the tragedy is that they could also be RIGHT!

I am just SICK to my stomach at the (Takfiri…people who declare others to be “Unbelievers”) swine who believe they are speaking for God and judge others as to whether they are Muslim or not, whether they are good Muslims or not and whether they are “Kuffar” (“Unbelievers”) or not.
I am SICK of people who look at us Muslims and demand that we…that would be me and my fellows here.. “do something to stop the violence”, that We Muslims should take a stand against the violence being conducted in our name when the US is creating, financing, encouraging and promoting almost all the violence in the world today just so we can sell more weapons and “it’s about the jobs”! Indeed! Hitler said the same thing.
I am SICK of the United States whose leaders (Reps AND Dems) who cozy up to the worst leaders in the world, protect and finance the cruelest regimes in the world, just because we regard them as “our” guys. Is there a SINGLE country that we support with our might and money, that is in any way, a “democracy”?
An excellent start in the “War” against “terrorism” would be the extinction of the House of Saud in Arabia. Those pigs have mistranslated the Quran and have made sure (with their money) that millions of ignorant, illiterate people are fed the poison of violent intolerance. Take a look at Yemen; the millions of permanently disabled men, women and CHILDREN, take a look at the tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of people who have died we and the US, are responsible.
Yet, we claim that Iran is a greater threat to the world than the Arabians. It does not mater who is at the helm in congress or White House, we continue to support the most murderous leaders we can find. Behind the fig-leaf of “Freedom and Democracy” we continue to be directly and indirectly, the most murderous nation on Earth. Our leaders pay more attention to billionaires like Adelson and the Koch brothers who want nothing more than to stand for Israel and destroy half the world…and to Hell with the United States!
Regardless of who committed the slaughters in Sri Lanka, Muslim or not, it is way past time that the US woke up out of its arrogance and actually DID something to stop the violence because ALL the violence by Muslims can be traced right back to the House of Saud, ALL of it.

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