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Slaughtering Muslims the “Civilized Way”

The attacks on Muslims by Trump the Republican Party have echoes in the past and recent tragedies. This time, Rep Ilhan Omar is being used as the starting point for greater levels of Islamophobia.
Hitler worked on the Germans to launch his “Final Solution” against (mostly) Jews and slaughtered millions before he was stopped by Germany’s defeat. It is noteworthy that Germans were forced into silence, acquiescence or support. The “Allies” were not interested in stopping the extermination, they were interested in maintaining their empires without the growing threat of the Japan-Germany alliance.

Habyarimana worked on his Hutus in Rwanda with ACTIVE help and promotion of the radio and TV media and the Hutus managed to butcher over 800,000 Tutsis before they were stopped. Noteworthy that the “Civilized West” had no interest in stopping the genocide, they even fought the application of the term “Genocide” for fear they may have to intervene. France and other countries are STILL harboring some of the Hutu butchers.
Milosevic lit and then stoked a fear of Muslims in Serbia, aided by his supporters and people like Karadzic. The Serbs created Rape-camps where Muslim women were kept (ages 7-60+) for the “comfort” of Serbs. In the beginning, Serbia and Croatia worked together to kill Muslims in wholesale numbersand capture more territory, then the Serbs started to wage war against the Croats as well.
Noteworthy that the “civilized West” had no interest in helping to stop the genocide of Bosnia’s Muslims even as the Serbs were being supplied by the Russians. “The West” only got involved when the Serbs had almost reached the point of no return on the genocide of Muslims.
Trump is working on “his people” (Republicans) to stoke more and more hate against Islam and Muslims and he is being actively egged on by the Israeli machine and their blind supporters in “The West” It is axiomatic among these murderous groups of people, that in order to keep Jews from extermination, Israel must be defended and in order to defend Israel, Islam and every Muslim or Arab, must be destroyed.
Islamophobia and violence against Muslims is the fastest-growing export the US has and it has “made in Israel” written all over it. Why so many Jews don’t take to the streets with their own violence against what Israel is doing instead of co-promoting Islamophobia with the Republicans, is beyond me. Tragically, it appears that the only lesson learnt by Israelis and their blind supporters, from WWII Shoah is, how to commit a genocide more efficiently than their erstwhile Nazi attackers.

On the other hand, Muslims are just GREAT at keeping a “polite” front and a low profile. Muslim leaders within the US and the West, are easily satisfied about their “Respect and importance” just by having their pictures taken with political and agency leaders who utter meaningless words of “respect and support” to the Muslim audiences. Overseas, leaders (tyrants) of Muslim-majority countries are too deep in the Western pockets to even murmur dissenting words. As long as the Muslim leaders are permitted to transfer billions of dollars of ill-gotten gains, to banks in the US and in the West, they don’t care how many Muslims have to be butchered by a Western machine that uses “defense” as their excuse.

In the US and the West, we Muslims are like dead people or, people who are too deep in drugs to wake up and there appears to be no way to combat this sad fact.

I fear that one day, our children (if they survive) will one day wonder how such a terrible thing (led by Trumps and ALL Republicans) could have happened and WHY Muslims remained paralyzed throughout what I sense, is a grave future.

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